Ambisonic UHJ Discography
02-25-2014 VERSION 4.0b
Troy Ambisonic UHJ Car Decoder

   This is a list of recordings, otherwise known as a Discography,
available at one time using the Ambisonic UHJ matrix surround format.
   This was created out of the need to help owners with Ambisonic
UHJ surround sound decoders find material made for UHJ playback,
and is not a list of recordings for sale.
   This list is available to help you find these recordings at new and
used record shops, thrift stores and the like.
   These recordings will also benefit owners of other matrix
surround sound decoders (Circle Surround, Quadraphonic, Dolby)
by providing 4 or 5 channel sound with a more even
sound stage (although you will not hear exactly what the 
engineer intended, the experience is still quite pleasing).
   This is not a complete list. Information about videos,
radio broadcasts, and any media using Ambisonic surround 
sound is greatly appreciated and encouraged.
  If you happen to know of a recording done in Ambisonic
UHJ format, Matrix H or HJ that is not listed here, please
pass it on. Or if you are an engineer or producer who has used
the Ambisonic recording process in a production, please forward
any information to be listed.
  Country of origin has been listed to help in the search of a 
recording. Catalog numbers apply only to the country of
origin. However, it should not be assumed the recording was
only available in that country.
   Ambisonic UHJ is a matrixed surround format, for more information,
consult the Ambisonic FAQ at
    For additions to this list, include:
    1. Artist
    2. Title of album
    3. Record label (Nimbus, Ondine, etc.)
    4. Catalog number
    5. Format (CD, LP, cassette, etc.) since catalog numbers
       change w/format
    6. Country of origin (U.S., U.K., Finland, etc.) since catalog
       numbers change with country of origin       
    7.  Year of release
    8. Any comments that might be helpful like who distributes the
       recording and address and phone number if known.
    Please send any additions or corrections to this list to :
      *        /|\               *     Mark Anderson
              / | \     *              multichannel AT cox DOT net
     *       /  |  \                   
      ------/   |   \---------------        
           /    |    \                 
    This list can be accessed from :
    Contents: UHJ Discography
    Ambitunes Collins Classics Finlandia Records IMF Electronics KPM Music
    Mirabilis Records Mountain Bell Music Nimbus Records NonServiam Ondine
    Sonoton Unicorn-Kanchana Various Record Labels York Ambisonics Radio Broadcasts
    Television Broadcasts Video's Rumors Not UHJ Record company addresses

    1. List compiled by : Eero Aro 
            and Mark Anderson
    2. All listings are Ambisonic UHJ encoded unless noted
    3. All listings are compact disc format unless noted
    4. Updates, corrections or changes from previous version are
            indicated by an asterisk (*) instead of a dash (-).
    5. Abbreviations :
            CD - Compact Disc
            MC - Music Cassette
            LP - Vinyl Phonograph Record

    -	Henry J. Walmsley - Turned-On Tijuana. AMBI0001	(CD) (England) ('05)
    -	Henry J. Walmsley - Colossus. AMBI0002. (CD) (England) ('06)
    	CD-R shrink wrapped in a standard size jewel case with a two-page
    	booklet. collection of eight pieces between three and ten minutes
    	in length of electronic and electro-acoustic compositions. 
    -	Nikmis - Ambisonic Picnic. AMBI0003 (CD) (Canada) ('08)
    Collins Classics
    Read a Warning about corroding CD's pressed by PDO for Collins

    - Academy of St Martin in the Fields - Vaughan Williams, Symphonies 5 & 6, cond. Sir Neville Marriner COLLINS 12022 (England)('90) - Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Sir Neville Marriner: Elgar; Symphony No 1, In the South (Alassio), COLLINS 12692 (U.K.) ('91) - London Symphony Brass, dir. Eric Crees : Bernstein, Copland, Ives, Barber, Cowell. COLLINS 12882 (U.K.) ('91) - BBC Philharmonic, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies: Ojai festival overture, Caroline Mathilde; Concert Suite from Act I of the Ballet, etc. COLLINS 13082 (U.K.) ('91) - London Symphony Brass - Cathedral Brass, dir. Eric Crees : Bach, Gabrieli, Clark. COLLINS 13332 (U.K.) ('92) - Frederick Delius, London Symphony Orchestra, Barry Wordsworth, COLLINS 13362 (U.K.) 20 Bit Recording - City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra & Chorus - A child of our time, cond. Sir Michael Tippett, soloists Tippett, COLLINS 13392 (England)('92) - Robert Saxton - Caritas, Eirian Davies, Jonathan Best, Christopher Ventris, Linda Hibberd, English Northern Philharmonia, Diego Masson, COLLINS 13502 (U.K.)Live 20 Bit Recording - Peter Maxwell Davies - Caroline Mathilde : Concert Suite from Act 1 of the Ballet, BBC Philharmonic, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies COLLINS 20022 (U.K.) CD Single - John Tavner - The Repentant Thief, Andrew Marriner - Clarinet, London Symphony Orchestra, Michel Tilson Thomas, COLLINS 20052 (U.K.) CD Single - London Symphony Orchestra, dir. Yuri Simonov, Organ - Rod Elms : Pyotri L'yich Tchaikovsky - Manfred Symphony, op. 58. COLLINS 30012 (U.K.) ('89) - London Symphony Orchestra, Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos: Ludvig van Beethoven; Symphony No 5, Wellington's Victory, Op 91, COLLINS 30022 (U.K.) ('92) - London Symphony Orchestra, dir. Jacek Kaspszyck, & John Geordgiadis, violin - Roy Carter, oboe - Richard Strauss also Sparch Zarathustra, Don Juan op. 20 Till Eulenspiegel. COLLINS 30042 (U.K.) ('89) - Dennis O'Neill, Richard Armstrong, Welsh national Opera: The World's great tenor arias, COLLINS 30142, (U.K.) ('90)
    Finlandia records
    -	Finnish National Opera Orchestra and Jubilate Choir, cond.  Ulf
    	Soderblom, soloists; Tornquist, Lindroos, Gronroos, Krause; 
    	Fredrik Pacius: The Hunt of King Charles, Finlandia FACD 107
    -	Matti Rantanen - Jeux D'anches, Finnish works for 
    	accordeon, Finlandia FACD 404 (Finland)('91)
    	Only tracks 1-4 are UHJ encoded.
    -	Tuija Hakkila - Ravel - Miroirs, Finlandia FACD 406 
    -	Jouko Laivuori, piano: Paavo Heininen; Poesia Squillante ed
    	Incandescente Op.32a etc., Finlandia FACD 407 (Finland)
    -	Heikki Sarmanto: The Traveler, Finlandia, FACD 933 (Finland)
    -	Yrjo Kilpinen - Songs to the poems by Christian 
    	Morgenstern. Eeva-Liisa Saarinen - mezzo, Juha 
    	Kotilainen baritone, Gustav Djupsjobacka - piano.
    	Finlandia FACD 533892 (Finland)('92)
    IMF Electronics
    Live jazz & folk music, B-format, 30ips master tapes, UHJ encoded disc's
    -	The New Reformation Dixieland Band - Beginnings, IMF Electronics
    	AMB 5201 (England) ('80) (LP)
    -	Chris Bickley & the Reef Petroleum Big Band - Gonna Fly Now.
    	IMF Electronics AMB 5202 (England) ('81) (LP)
    -	Loose Caboose - Stay All Night (Blue Grass Country), IMF
    	Electronics AMB 5203 (England) ('81) (LP)
    Read the history of IMF
    KPM Music
    -       KPM Music (part of EMI Music Publishing) offers production
    music library albums on the KPM and Themes International labels.
    These CDs are designed for use in A/V, broadcast, commercials and
    movie applications and are not available to the general public.
    Unlike royalty free or buy out production music Libraries, which may be
    used on payment of a single blanket license fee, KPM's material is
    licensed on a per-use basis. KPM albums are available to qualifying
    advertising agencies, studios and production companies only. To receive
    albums, you must become an agent and sign an appropriate contract. A
    small number of the KPM recordings are UHJ encoded.
          	The first Ambisonic mixed (from a mixing board) UHJ encoded
    vinyl disc ever was Contact KPM 1304 ! 
            The first Ambisonic mixed CD was Surprise, Surprise on the KPM
    	The titles listed below do not list any artist on the covers except
    for one (1330) although two list the session musicians. Therefore, the
    artists currently listed could be incorrect (with the exception of 1356)
    -	M. Cang, E. Chin - Surprise, Surprise, KPM/Nimbus
    	KN 101. (England) (1984) (LP)
    -	Keith Mansfield, Richard Elen - Contact, KPM 1304 
    	(LP) (England) (1983)
    -	M. Cang, E. Chin - Another Surprise, KPM 1309 (LP) (England)
    -	Keith Mansfield, Richard Elen - The Video Connection,
    	KPM 1321 (LP), also available on KPM 1321 CD (England) (1984)
    -	Gordon Giltrap, R. Palmer - In at the Deep End, 
    	KPM 1330 (LP) (England) (1984)
    -	Keith Mansfield, Richard Elen - Circles, KPM 1344
    	(LP) (England) (1985)
    -	Frank Perry - Temple of the Stars, KPM 1356 (LP) (England)
    -	M. Storey - 24 Hours, KPM 1359 (LP) (England) (1986)
    -	Keith Mansfield, Richard Elen - Future Positive, KPM 
    	1364, (LP), also available on KPM 1364 CD (England) (1986)
    -	Insight. KPM 1367 (LP) (England) (1986)
    -	Stepping Stones. KPM 1381 (LP & CD) (England) (1987)
    -	Origins. KPM 1383 (LP) (England) (1987)
    Mirabilis Records
    CD in catalog number refers to Compact Disc, CC in catalog number refers
    to Cassette.
    These recordings were produced, and most were recorded, by David Wyld, 
    now owner and MD of Willis Organs
    All the recordings were made using a Soundfield ST250 microphone, the
    output of which was encoded to UHJ and recorded as two-track stereo using
    an Awai DAT recorder
    *	Liverpool Encores. Ian Tracey plays transcriptions on the Willis organ
    	of Liverpool Cathedral. Tielman Susato: Mohrentanz, Thomaso Albinoni: 
    	Adagio in g, Antonio Soler: Minuet (from 6th Concerto for 2 organs),
    	JS Bach: Bist du bei mir, sinfonia (from Cantata 29), William Boyce:
    	Gavotte (from 5th Symphony), Jeremiah Clarke: Trumpet Voluntary, FJ
    	Haydn: 3 pieces for musical clocks, WA Mozart: Fantasia in f, Gabriel
    	Fauré: Pavane, Camille Saint-Saëns: Danse macabre, Henry Wood: Fantasia
    	on British Sea Songs, Edward Elgar: Pomp & Circumstance March No 1, 
    	CHH Parry: Jerusalem. MRCD 901, MRCC 0901 (UK)
    {Recorded 6th-7th February 1990, The packaging doesn't mention UHJ; this is
     presumably an oversight, as it does mention the Calrec ST250 microphone}
    *	Edward Cuthbert Bairstow - The Complete Organ Works. organ of York
    	Minster by Dr Francis Jackson. Prelude in C, Evening Song, Scherzo in
    	Ab, Nocturne, Prelude on Vexilla regis, Elegy, Toccata-Prelude on Pange
    	lingua, Meditation, Three Short Preludes, Legend, Organ Sonata in Eb.
    	MRCD 902, MRCC 0902 (UK)
    {Also re-released as Amphion PHI-143, Recorded 4th-6th April 1990} 
    *	Late Romantic Masterworks. Andrew Fletcher on the organ of St Mary's
    	Collegiate Church, Warwick. Franz Schmidt: 'Hallelujah' Prelude and
    	Fugue in D, Flor Peeters: Aria, Op 51, Variations on an Original Theme,
    	Op 58, Max Reger: Benedictus, Op 59 no 9, Walter Pach: Introduction and
    	Fugue, Marcel Dupré: Cortege et Litanie, Op 19 no 2, Frank Bridge: 
    	Adagio in E, Hendrick Andriessen: Thema met Varieties, Herbert Howells:
    	Siciliano for a High Ceremony, Healey Willan: Introduction, Passacaglia
    	and Fugue. MRCD 903 (UK)
    {Recorded 1990}
    *	JS Bach - Das Orgelbüchlein. Richard Marlow plays the Metzler organ of
    	Trinity College, Cambridge. MRCD 904 (UK)
    {Recorded 3rd-9th September 1990}
    *	St Paul's Cathedral - The Grand Organ. Played by Andrew Lucas. Bruhns:
    	Prelude & Fugue in e, Bach: Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier, BWV 731,
    	Mendelssohn: Sonata 3, Liszt: Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen, Brahms
    	(Four chorale preludes): O Gott, du frommer Gott, Est is ein' Ros
    	entsprungen, Herzlich tut mich verlagen (two settings), Reger: Dankpsalm,
    	Garth Edmundson: Toccata on Von Himmel hoch. MRCD 905 (UK)
    {Recorded 25th Feb-1st Mar 1991}
    *	The Organ Works of Basil Harwood (volume 1). Played by Roger Fisher on
    	the organ of Chester Cathedral. Sonata No 1 in c#, Op 5, Sonata No 2 in
    	f#, Op 26, Interlude, Op 15 no 2, A Quiet Voluntary for Evensong, Op 70,
    	Paean, Op 15 no 3, Reverie, Dithyramb, Op 7. MRCD 906 (UK)
    {Artwork says recorded 25th Feb-1st Mar 1991, this is presumably wrong, as these
     dates were given for MRCD 904)
    *	St Mary the Virgin, Finedon. Paul Parsons plays music by. CPE Bach: 
    	Sonata, Mozart: Bach (Allemande, Gigue, Pastorale, etc.), Wesley: et al.
    	MMSCD 1 (UK)
    {Recorded May-June 1993}
    *	The Organ of Great St Mary's University Church, Cambridge. Played by
    	Jonathan Gregory. Handel: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Couperin: 
    	Dialogue, Messe pour les paroisses, Bach: Trio Sonata no 5, BWV 529,
    	Bach: Toccata & Fugue in d, BWV 565, Sweelinck: 4 variations on "Unter
    	der Linden grüne", Tomkins: A Verse, Clarke: Trumpet Voluntary "The
    	Prince of Denmark's March", Vierne: Gargouilles et Chimères, Pièces de
    	fantaisie, Op 55, no 5, Carillon de Westminster, Pièces de fantaisie, Op
    	54, no 6, Lefébure-Wély: Sortie in Eb, Messiaen: Joie et Clarté, Le
    	corps glorieux, no 6, Widor: Toccata, Symphony no 5, Op 42 no 1, 5.
    	MMSCD 3 (UK)
    {Recorded August 1993}
    *	The Queens' Service. The Choir of Queens' College, Cambridge, Directed
    	by Ralph Woodward, Andrew Linn - organist. Sir CV Stanford: The Queens'
    	Service, Orlando Gibbons: The Short Service, This is the Record of John,
    	Henry Purcell: Funeral Sentences, Sir CV Stanford: Justorum animae, 
    	Coelos ascendit, Beati quorum via, Charles Wood: Expectans, expectavi
    	Hail, gladdening light, O Thou the central orb, William Todd: Lighten
    	our darkness, Christ is the morning star, Sir CHH Parry: Blest pair of
    	sirens. MMSCD 4 (UK)
    {Recorded 9th-11th January 1994}
    *	Vox Dicentis. The Choir of Queens' College, Cambridge. Directed by Ralph
    	Woodward, Ian Shaw - organist. Sir CV Stanford: Evening Service in Eb,
    	William Todd: Magnificat (1995 - commissioned by Queens' College Choir)
    	Ralph Woodward: Preces and Responses, Gustav Holst: Nunc Dimittis, EW
    	Naylor: Vox Dicentis, CH Lloyd: Chant in Gb (Psalm 137), Herbert Sumsion:
    	In Exile, Sir CV Stanford: In Memoria Aeterna, Sir CHH Parry: I was Glad.
    	MMSCD 5 (UK)
    {Recorded 1995}
    *	Shades of Blue. (a cappella group). MRCD 910 (UK)
    Available for purchase from Lantern Productions of Ely.
    {Recorded 20th-21st October 1995} 
    *	Saltire Quartet - Under the Hammer. Kenneth Dempster: Under the Hammer,
    	Ronald Center: String Quartet no 1, David Ward: Quintet for Bb clarinet
    	and strings (Clarinet: Shinobu Miki), Trad, arr Edward McGuire: Cruel
    	Mither (Vocal: Jo Miller). MRCD 961 (UK)
    Available for purchase from The Scottish Music Centre.
    {Recorded 26th-28th June 1995 in The Queens Hall, Edinburgh}
    *	Liverpool Celebration. Music used at the graduation ceremonies of
    	Liverpool John Moores University. Ian Tracey at Liverpool Cathedral.
    	MRCD 962 (UK)
    *	English Music for the Decade of Evangelism. Played on the organ of 
    	Brentwood Cathedral by Gillian Ward Russell. John Redford: Precatus
    	est Moyses, William Byrd: Salvator mundi, Thomas Tomkins: Gloria tibi
    	trinitas, Édouard Silas: Fantasia on St Ann's Hymn Tune, Sir CHH Parry:
    	Chorale Fantasia "Old Hundredth", Sir Edward Elgar, arr Oxley: Go forth
    	upon thy journey, Christian soul, John E West: Fantasy on two well
    	known Christmas carols, Basil Harwood: Shepherds at the Manger, Percy
    	Whitlock: Seven Sketches, No 7 "Sortie", Francis Routh: Two Marian
    	Antiphons: "Regina coeli laetare" & "Salve regina", William Lloyd Webber:
    	Benedictus, Desmond Ratcliffe: Reflection on the Passion Chorale, Simon
    	Preston: Alleluyas. MRCD 964 (UK)
    {Recorded 19th-20th December 1995}
    Mountain Bell Music
    -	Frank Perry - Infinite Peace, BEL 002 (England)
    	Cassette only ('88)
    -	Frank Perry - Peace Eternal, BEL 003 (England)
    	Cassette only ('88)
    -	Frank Perry - Crystal Peace, BEL 004 (England)
    	(England) Cassette only ('88)
    -	Frank Perry - Star Peace, BEL 005 (England)
    	Cassette only ('88)
    	This is the alternate take of the recording on the
    	Zodiac CD from the celestial Harmonies label. Here it
    	is performed continuously as originally conceived
    	as opposed to the individual tracks on Zodiac.
    Nimbus Records
    Nimbus Records Logo
    _	The current catalog lists over 450 recordings (Including Prima
    	Voice label and other historical recordings.) for a listing of current
    	titles, see the web site at
    -	It has been reported that all Nimbus recordings are Ambisonic
    	UHJ encoded. This has turned out to be incorrect. In the mid to
    	late '70's during the height of the Quadraphonic era, Nimbus
    	released LP's in the Sansui QS matrix format (see the Classical
    	Quadraphonic Discography). Nimbus Sales Flyer
    	Those record numbers are NIM-2104 (QS),NIM-2105,NIM-2106 (QS),
    	NIM-2107,NIM-2108, NIM-2109 (QS),NIM-2110 (QS), NIM-2111 (QS) &
    	NIM-2112 (NIM-2110 could be HJ matrix and listed as QS for
     	decoding purposes for those listeners without an HJ decoder)
    -	NIM-2114 Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Op. 110 & 111 is Stereo only.
    	A question came up about NIM-2125 if it was quad or 
    	Ambisonic. Caractacus Downes had these comments:
    Up until the late 1970s Nimbus recordings were made to (1 inch, 15 ips)
    4 channel tape in A-format - at least that's what we called it.  They
    were recorded either with a pair of Neumann SM69s or a single Neumann
    QM69, in either case arranged so that a mic capsule points at LF, RF,
    LB, RB. The LPs would have been cut from the four track master, going
    through whichever HJ / UHJ matrixing box we were using at the time.
    Later CD releases were made using a Dr. Halliday special brown box, 
    which converted from A-format to (3 channel) B-format, and then either
    a Calrec or Audio & Design UHJ encoder.
    I think there were some releases in other matrixed formats, but I don't
    know if they were experimental or normal commercial releases.
    Nimbus 2125 would have been a standard HJ / UHJ release.
    In the late 1970s we started to record B-format using a Mk. 3 and later a
    Mk. 4 soundfield (1/2 inch 30 ips).  As soon as digital recording was
    available in the early 1980s we recorded digital two channel UHJ.
    _	A few classical titles showed up in stores with no mention of
    	Ambisonic UHJ encoding, this worried some folks that Nimbus might
    	have abandoned the format. This prompted me to inquire with Nimbus
    	the status of UHJ and their recordings. This is the response I
    Ambisonic UHJ I.D. Found on Nimbus CD's
    With a couple of exceptions, all of our recordings are UHJ encoded
    Ambisonics.  We have been using essentially the same recording technique
    for almost thirty years now - a single microphone going to a home made
    gain control box which outputs B-format.  Until we started recording
    digitally the direct output from the microphone was recorded onto 4
    track analogue tape, usually 1/2" or 1".  From when we switched to
    digital, sometime around 1980, we recorded the UHJ only.  Now we are
    starting to record B-format again.
    We have used several different microphones over the years.  We have used
    a pair of Neumann SM69s, then a Neumann QM69 (limited edition quad
    version of the SM69), then our own B-format mic. combining two Shoeps
    figure-of-eights and a B&K omni, which we still use today.
    Our recordings are made without any compression, limiting or
    equalization - the trick is to find the right musicians, the right hall
    and the right place to put the microphone.
    The exceptions to all of this are any recordings we have licensed
    over the years (there was a Rachmaninov Vespers we put out a couple of
    years ago which we did not record ourselves), and perhaps one or two of
    the World music recordings.  Our World Music producer frequently used a
    Calrec Soundfield Microphone for his location recordings.  Nimbus does
    not own any battery-powered Ambisonic encoders, so location recordings,
    often made way out in the countryside without access to an electricity
    supply, had to be made in this way.  This includes some of the recordings
    made in Brazil.  Most of the World Music catalogue is recorded in UHJ
    encoded Ambisonic, as the majority of the recordings were made either in
    our own studios or in locations where electricity was in much more
    plentiful supply.
    the rest of the catalogue, including the Prima Voice and Grand
    Piano series, are all UHJ encoded.
    Nimbus Records Ambisonic UHJ Encoding listed on most CD's
    -	Nimbus Released a CD with 16 tracks thru dealers in '91
    	for the Mitsubishi DA-P7000. A home theater system with
    	a digital Ambisonic decoder. The CD contains some, but
    	not all of the same tracks as the sampler listed below
    	released by nimbus that same year  NI 1417 ('91)
    -	A Nimbus CD Sampler, is a compilation of Nimbus tracks.
    	It comes with excerpts from critics & album covers. It also
    	has a schematic of the performance space detailing the 
    	location of the microphone and performers as well as a 
    	color photograph of the hall so one can visualize what one
    	is hearing. On one track that was recorded in a night club,
    	the positions of the audience members are actually
    	denoted. The disc notes which mikes were used for each
    	recording NI 1418 ('91)
    Nimbus Music Video Discs
    Playable on DVD-Video and DVD-Audio players. On a DVD-Video player the
    first menu will present you with a choice of two audio streams - two 
    channel (UHJ encoded) PCM, which is equivalent to CD-Audio, or four
    channel DTS. If you have a Surround Sound playback system including a DTS
    decoder you should choose the DTS option. Otherwise you should choose the
    2 channel version. You can switch between streams during playback using the
    Audio button on your remote control.
    On a DVD-Audio player there are no menus - the disc behaves in a similar way
    to a CD. There is only one audio stream available on DVD-Audio players - 
    4 channel MLP. All DVD-Audio players are capable of decoding MLP. If your
    DVD-Audio system is configured with only two speakers you will hear a downmix
    derived from the four channel version, which is different from the two channel
    (UHJ encoded) version available as part of the DVD-Video area of the disc.
    The four channels in the DTS and MLP streams have been derived from the
    original recording masters using specially optimized Ambisonic decoding
    software. The four channels are front left and right, and back left and right.
    The center and LFE channels are intentionally silent. The decoding software
    assumes the speakers to be arranged in a square with the listener in the middle.
    Tests have been performed using a variety of speaker and listener positions,
    and this target arrangement has been chosen as a compromise that works well for
    a variety of speaker positions. Material decoded in this way works particularly
    well with the standard ITU speaker layout which may be recommended by your home
    theatre amplifier supplier.
    -	Surround yourself with ... Elgar. Enigma Variations, Pomp and 
    	Circumstance Marches, Cockaigne, Froissart. NI 9001
    -	Surround yourself with ... American Classics. Sousa - Marches
    	Copland - Fanfare for the Common Man, Appalachian Spring, Rodeo
    	Barber - Violin Concerto, Adagio for Strings. NI 9002
    -	Surround yourself with ... Rachmaninov. Symphony No. 2, Rhapsody on a
    	Theme of Paganini, Vocalize. NI 9003
    -	Surround yourself with ... Beethoven. Leonore No. 2, Symphonies 5 
    	and 6. NI 9004
    -	Surround yourself with ... Schubert. String Quintet in C major, String
    	Quartet in A minor. NI 9005
    -	Surround yourself with ... Enrico Caruso. The Essential Operatic
    	Recordings - Fifty Arias and Ensembles recorded between 1905 - 1920.
    	NI 9006 
    -	Surround yourself with ... Paco Pena. Misa Flamenca and Flamenco Guitar
    	Music of Ramón Montoya and Niño Ricardo. NI 9007 
    -	Surround yourself with ... Hindustani Ragas. Hariprasad Chaurasia, flute,
    	Buddhadev Das Gupta, sarod Asad Ali Khan rudra, vina, Salamat Ali Khan,
    	vocal Imrat Khan, surbahar and sitar, Ram Narayan, sarangi Shivkumar
    	Sharma, santur, Padma Talwalkar, vocal. NI 9008
    -	Surround yourself with ... A Midsummer Night's Dream. Shakespeare’s play
    	and Mendelssohn’s complete incidental music. NI 9009 
    Read more about Nimbus Music Video Discs
    NonServiam is Latin for "I shall not serve" and all artists involved
    in NonServiam ventures retain equal control over the material.
    NonServiam is just a coordination point, an axis, for collaborative
    works that blur the distinction between art and science
    Button Man for the City CD Cover
    -	All Noise Construction by KYMATIK - Button_Man_for_the_City. Ltd
    	edition of 100 w/different cover for each copy. Non Serviam
    	Records 002 (CD Single) 17 Mins. (U.K.) (5/98).
    	This recording was originally made in 4 discrete channels and
    	then encoded for UHJ and is a prelude to the full length CD to
    	be released in the fall entitled "Dar-AS-Sulh". A second CD
    	single will be released on June 21st titled "Pair Bonding".
    	These discs can be ordered thru Non Serviam at 22 Lisson Grove,
    	Mutley, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 7DN, U.K. or call Paradigm Discs
    	at:- fax +44 0171 609 1754. 
    -	Dar-As-Sulh Vol I. "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor"
    	7 Tracks: cat No. Paradigm PD 15
    	Tracks 1,2 & 5 are stereo, tracks 3,4 & 6 are UHJ encoded.
    {Track 7 was incorrectly listed in the previous addition of this discography
     as being UHJ encoded. It is not}
    	Reviews and comments on this release can be found at the Paradigm
    -	Kymatik - Music for Users. NS012 (CD) ('10) Limited edition of 40 CDs
    -	Lorenz Attractor UHJ Version. 23 minutes (No Number).
    	Private request only release. This was originally manufactured
    	using Audio Dimensions Soundfield Software.
    *	Pair Bonding. NonServiam NS 005 (UK) (2005) 
    -	Runswick Baywatch/Shunt E.W.S.2455. NonServiam 003
    	Only track 2 is a Kymatik track, a live installation
    	recording in B-format, processed into UHJ.
    -	The Caithness Two Body Problem. cat No. Never001
    	Only track 7 - Crickets in the Wind, is UHJ encoded
    *	The Caithness Two Body Problem. NonServiam ?– NS013
    	Only track 7 - Crickets in the Wind, is UHJ encoded
    {Recorded and mastered using Ambisonic Surround Sound. Originally released
     in 1999 as a Ltd. Edition of 20 copies. The main body of the album was
     released on Paradigm Discs as 'Dar As Sulh Volume I' (PD15) which 
     replaced "Button Man For The City and " and "Harry at Hogmany" with
     "Excerpt for Kandinsky's 'Im Blau'" and "Bees"}
    -	Raimo Sirkia, tenor, Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.
    	Ari Rasilainen: Amado Mio, OCTO 403-2 (Finland)
    -	Society of Finnish Composers 50th Anniversary 1995. (3 CD) 
    	ODE 601-2 (Finland) 
    -	Finnish National Opera Orchestra and Chorus, cond. Fuat
    	Manchurov, Hynninen, Heinikari, Putkonen, Saarinen, 
    	Rautavaara - Einojuhani Rautavaara - Vincent, opera in 
    	three acts, ODE 750-2 (2 CD) (Finland)
    -	Estonian Symphony Orchestra, cond.  Peter Lilje - Einar 
    	Englund -Symphonies 1 & 2, ODE 751-2 (Finland)
    -	Timo Korhonen, guitar - Tarrega, Torroba, Albeniz, ODE 
    	752-2 (Finland)
    -	Ralf Gothoni, piano - Mussorgsky, Janacek, Stravinsky, 
    	ODE 753-2 (Finland)
    -	Finnish National Opera Chorus and Orchestra, cond. Eri 
    	Klas - Sibelius - Cantatas, ODE 754-2 (Finland)
    -	Jorma Hynninen, baritone, Ralf Gothoni, piano; Johannes Brahms: 
    	Die schöne Magelone, ODE 755-2 (Finland)
    -	Yoshiko Arai, violin, Eero Heinonen, piano - Sibelius - 
    	Complete works for violin and piano vol 2/2, ODE 756-2 
    -	Eeva Koskinen, violin, Juhani Lagerspatz, piano - Karol
    	Szymanowski - Complete works for violin and piano, ODE 
    	759-2 (Finland)
    -	Kriikku, Hirvikangas, Rousi, Satukangas - Alexander von
    	Zemlinsky- Trio for clarinet, cello and piano in d minor, 
    	Op.3, Max Bruch - Eight pieces for clarinet, viola and 
    	piano, ODE 760-2 (Finland)
    -	Matti Raekallio, piano - Sergei Prokofiev - Piano sonatas
    	4, 5 (original version) & 6, ODE 761-2 (Finland)
    -	Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.  Leonid Grin - 
    	Prokofiev -Symphony No:2 in d-minor Op.40, Summer 
    	Night Op.123, Autumnal sketch Op-8, ODE 762-2 
    -	Gothoni, Laine, Munchner Streichtrio: Frantz Schubert: Adagio
    	and rondo concertante for piano quartet in F major, D487, Piano
    	quintet in A major, op.114 D. 667, "Die Forelle", ODE 763-2
    -	Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, cond.  Juha Kangas -
    	Nordgren, Grieg, Lutoslawski, Eller, Tsintadze, ODE 766-
    	2 (Finland)
    -	Folk Into Classic - Works for string, orch. by Nordren, 
    	Grieg, Lutoslawski, Eller, & Tsintsadze - Ostrobothnian 
    	Ch. Orch./Juha Kangas, ODE 766-2 (Finland)
    -	Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.  Sergiu Comissiona 
    	- Hommage & Sibelius, ODE 767-2 (Finland)
    -	Dilber, The Estonia Opera Orchestra, cond.  Eri Klas - 
    	Coloratura arias, ODE 768-2 (Finland)
    -	Timo Korhonen, guitar: Manuel Ponce: Sonatina Meridional theme 
    	varie et finale, Sonata III, Variations sur "Folia de Espana" et
    	fugue, ODE 770-2 (Finland)
    -	Jorma Hynninen, baritone, Ralf Gothoni, piano: Yrjo Kilpinen: 
    	Spielmannslieder, Lieder um den Tod, Lakeus, Hans Fritz van 
    	Zwehl songs, 0DE 772-2 (Finland)
    -	Faringer, Voipio, Puumalainen, Tuomela, Fredriksson, Almiviva 
    	Ensemble, cond. Ulf Soderblom: Bergman: Concertino da Camera, 
    	Triumf att finnas till, Lament and incantation, Silence and
    	eruptions, ODE 774-2 (Finland)
    -	Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.  James DePreist - 
    	Dimitri Shostakovich - Symphony No.8 in c minor, op.65, 
    	ODE 775-2 (Finland)
    -	Ian Partridge tenor, Jukka Savijoki, guitar - Britten,
    	Berkeley, ODE 779-2 (Finland)
    -	Finnish National Opera and Chorus cond.  Ulf Söderblom,
    	soloists; Hynninen, Saarinen, Salminen, Silvasti; Aulis 
    	Sallinen - Kullervo, ODE 780-3T (Finland)
    -	Mikael Helasvuo, flute, Jukka Savijoki, guitar - Astor 
    	Piazzolla -Histoire du tango, Cinco pieza, Six studes 
    	tanguistiques, ODE 781-2 (Finland)
    -	Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Avanti! Chamber 
    	Orchestra, cond.  Jukka-Pekka Saraste - Magnus Lindberg 
    	Kinetics, Marea, Joy, ODE 784-2 (Finland)
    -	Tapiola Sinfonietta Choir cond. Erkki Pohjola, Jorma
    	Panula - Finland in song (Sibelius, Merikanto, etc.),
    	ODE 785-2, ODE 785-4 (Finland)
    -	Tapiola Choir; Tapiola Sinfonietta - Dreams - Sallinen,
    	Rautavaara, Bergman, Johansson, Kortekangas, ODE 
    	786-2 (Finland)
    -	Kuhmo Chamber Soloists, Bogino, Vernikov, Arai, 
    	Mendelssohn, Kimanen, Murto - Cesar Franck - Piano 
    	Quintet in f minor, Solo de piano for piano and string 
    	quintet, ODE 788-2 (Finland)
    -	Peter Csaba, violin, Arto Satukangas, piano - George 
    	Enescu - Sonatas for violin and piano 2 & 3, ODE 789-2 
    -	Karita Mattila, soprano, Lahti Chamber Ensemble, cond. 
    	Osmo Vänskä -  Kaipainen, Meriläinen, Klami,
    	Nielsen, Strauss, ODE 792-2 (Finland)
    -	Hannula, Hallekant, Salomaa, Tiilikainen, Dominante Choir,
    	Finnish Chamber Choir, Finnish National Opera Orchestra, cond.
    	Ulf Soderblom: Erik Bergman: The Singing Tree, ODE 794-2D
    -	Mark Lubotsky, violin, Ralf Gothoni, piano - Alfred 
    	Schnittke - Sonatas for violin and piano 1 & 2, Suite in the
    	old style, ODE 800-2 (Finland)
    -	Finnish Chamber Orchestra, cond.  Paavo Berglund: Joseph Haydn: 
    	Symphonies 92 "Oxford" & 99, ODE 801-2 (Finland)
    -	Petri Alanko, flute, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, 
    	Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, cond.  Jukka-Pekka Saraste - 
    	Nielsen, Ibert, Jolivet - Flute Concertos, Jolivet - Suite en 
    	Concert for flute and percussion, ODE 802-2 (Finland)
    -	Jorma Hynninen baritone, Heikki Sarmanto, piano - 
    	Evergreen love songs, ODE 8O3-2, ODE 803-4MC (MC) 
    -	Jubilate Choir, cond.  Astrid Riska, Monica Groop, 
    	mezzosoprano, Juha Kotilainen, baritone - Jean Sibelius - 
     	Complete works for Fixed chorus a cappella, ODE 805-2 
    -	Matti Raekallio, Juhani Lagerspetz, piano - Timithy 
    	Ferchen, percussion - Bela Bartok, Bergman, Stravinsky
    	ODE 806-2 (Finland)
    -	Ilya Grubert, violin, Matti Raekallio, piano - Sergei 
    	Prokofiev - Sonatas for violin and piano I & 2, Sonata for 
    	solo violin, Five melodies for violin and piano, ODE 807-2 
    -	Cluster Ensemble, Eeva-Liisa Saarinen, Tuula-Marja Tuomela: 
    	Maros, Kaipainen, Sveinsson, Meriläinen, Bergman, Saariaho, 
    	ODE 808-2 (Finland)
    -	Peter Csaba, violin & conductor, Ralf Gothoni, piano, 
    	Virtuosi di Kuhmo - Mendelssohn, Haydn, ODE 810-2 
    -	The Polytech Choir, cond.  Tapani Lansio: Frantz Schubert: Works 
    	for male choir a cappella, ODE 811-2 (Finland)
    -	Dilber soprano, Timo Korhonen, guitar: Folk songs from Spain, 
    	Finland and China, ODE 812-2 (Finland)
    -	Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.  James DePreist - 
    	Dimitri Scostakovich - Symphony No.5 Chamber 
    	Symphony, ODE 817-2 (Finland)
    -	Matti Raekallio, piano, Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, 
    	cond. Leonid Grin:.Arthur Rubinstein - Piano concerto
    	no.4 in d minor, op.70, Moritz Moszkowski - Piano
    	concerto in E major, op.59, ODE 818-2 (Finland)
    -	Marko Ylönen, cello, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.Max 
    	Pommer: Einojuhani Rautavaara: Symphony No.6 'Vincentiana', 
    	Cello concerto, ODE 819-2 (Finland)
    -	Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra - Erkki Melartin - 
    	Symphonies 2 & 4, cond.  Leonid Grin, ODE 822-2 
    -	Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.  Leif Segerstam, 
    	baritone Jorma Hynninen - Jean Sibelius - Songs, ODE 
    	823-2  (Finland)
    -	Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.  Leif Segerstam: 
    	Scandinavian Rhapsody; Sibelius, Grieg, Sinding, Lumbye,
    	Nielsen, Merikanto, Melartin, Jarnefelt, Bull, etc., ODE 824-2
    -	Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, cond.  Okko Kamu, Ralf
    	Gothoni, piano - Benjamin Britten - Piano Concerto
    	Soirees musicales, Matinees musicales, ODE 825-2
    -	Kovacic, Lagerspetz, Soderblom, Angervo, Gustafsson, Quarta, 
    	Miori, Rousi, Novikov: Jean Sibelius: Early chamber music 
    	vol. 1, Sonata for violin and piano F major, String trios g 
    	minor and A major, Piano quartet c minor, ODE 826-2 (Finland)
    -	Jan Erik Gustafsson, cello, Heini Karkkainen, piano: Karol 
    	Szymanowski, Zoltan Kodaly, Alfred Schittke: Sonatas for cello
    	and piano, ODE 827-2 (Finland)
    -	Tapiola Choir, Jorma Hynninen, Helsinki Philharmonic 
    	Orchestra, condo. Erkki Pohjola, Jorma Panula -
    	Traditional Christmas carols, ODE 828-2 (Finland)
    -	Virtuosi di Kuhmo, Peter Scaba, conductor, violin - Jean 
    	Sibelius -Works for string orchestra - Romance op. 42, 
    	Impromptu, Rakastava, Suite champetre op. 98b, 
    	Humoresques 3 & 4, Andante festivo, Canzonetta, op. 62a, 
    	Suite caracteristique op 100, ODE  830-2 (Finland)
    -	Villa-Lobos: Complete Works for Guitar Vol 2, Korhonen
    	ODE 838-2 (Finland)
    -	Ralf Gothoni, Mark Lubotsky, Matti Hirvikangas, Martti 
    	Rousi - Richard Strauss, Gustav Mahler/Alfred Schnittke - 
    	Piano quartets, ODE 840- 2 (Finland)
    -	Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.  Leonid Grin -
    	Erkki Melartin - Symphonies 1 & 3, ODE 841-2 (Finland)
    -	Aulis Sallinen/Songs of Life and Death etc., Jorma
    	Hynninen. ODE 844-2 (Finland)
    -	Shostakovich: Symphony 14 etc. ODE 845-2 (Finland)
    -	Shostakovich : Symphonies 9 & 12 - Helsinki Philharmonic 
    	Orchestra, James De Preist - Conductor, ODE 846-2
    -	Karita Mattila - soprano, Tapiola Sinfonietta - cond.
    	Pekka Savijoki - Wonderful, ODE 848-2 (Finland)
    -	Kovacic, Lagerspetz, Soderblom, Angervo, Gustafsson, Quarta, 
    	Miori, Rousi, Novikov: Jean Sibelius: Early chamber music 
    	vol. 2, ODE 850-2 (Finland)
    -	Sibelius/Songs, Karita Mattila. ODE 856-2 (Finland)
    -	Usko Merilainen : String Quartet no. 3, Mikko Heinio : Piano
    	Quintet, Erkki Jokinen : String Quartet no. 4, Joonas Kokkonen :
    	Piano Quartet, Avanti Quartet : Jaana Karkkainen - Piano. 
    	ODE 865-2 (Finland) Disc 1
    -	Veli-Matti Puumala : Tuuta Via, Olli Kortekangas : Konzerstuck,
    	Jukka Koskinen : Ululation, Tapio Tuomela : L'echelle de 
    	L'evasion, Hannu Pohjannoro : Eilsen Linnut, Olli Koskelin : ..
    	Like a Planet Silently Breathing, Magnus Lindberg : Away. 
    	Avanti Chamber Orchestra - Lief Segerstam, ODE 866-2 (Finland)
    	Disc 2
    	Only disc 1 & 2, of this 3 CD set are UHJ encoded.
    -	Memoria Sancti Henrici : Medieval Chant for the Patron Saint of
    	Finland - Cetus noster, Koyhat ritarit, ODE 874-2 (Finland)
    Distributed only to production studios, film companies,TV and Radio
    Stations. Sonoton licences the use of its music for TV, motion picture,
    *	Geoff Bastow - The AV Conception: Volume 1. Sonoton SON 256
    	(Germany) (LP)
    *	Lady Robot. Sonoton SON 260 (Germany) (LP)	
    -	Lady Robot - Underscore Jingles. Sonoton SON 261 (Germany) (LP)
    *	John Epping - Innovations. Sonoton SON 262 (Germany) (LP)
    *	Geoff Bastow - The AV Conception: Volume 2. Sonoton SON 268 (Germany) (LP)
    *	Various - Classical Styling. Sonoton SON 271 (Germany) (LP)
    *	John Epping - Nice and Gentle. Sonoton SON 278 (Germany) (LP)
    Read a Warning about corroding CD's pressed by PDO for Unicorn-Kanchana
    -	Sir Michael Tippett - Shires Suite. Leicestershire Chorale and
    	Schools Symphony Orchestra. Peter Fletcher and Douglas Young -
    	Conductors. Virages Rohan de Saram - Cello. UNS 267 (England)
    -	The Royal Choral Society & Band of the Grenadier Guards -
    	In Concert. DKM 6001 (LP) (England) ('80)
    -	Johnson, Royal Tour suite/Three paintings by Lautrec 
    	Suite/Battle of Waterloo, London Brass Chorale etc., DKM 
    	6002 (Vinyl & CD) DMC 6002 (MC)
    -	The Fires of London, cond.  Peter Davies - Ave Maris
    	Stella - Tenebrae Super Gesualdo, KP 8002 (England)
    -	Maxwell Davies - Renaissance and baroque realizations -
    	Bach, Dunstable, KP 8005 (England) (LP)
    -	London Studio Symphony Orchestra, - Alfred Hitchcock's 
    	North by Northwest, cond. Laurie Johnson DKP 9000
    	(England) (LP)
    	The U.S. Album was issued first, after complaints of mist racking,
    	the volume on the disc was lowered when making the U.K. version
    	causing a reduction in mistracking but higher background noise.    
    -	London Studio Symphony Orchestra - First men in the 
    	moon, cond. Laurie Johnson, DKP 9001 (England) (LP)
    -	The John McCarthy Singers with The London Symphony 
    	orchestra - The western film world of Dimitri Tiomkin, 
    	cond. Laurie Johnson UKCD 2011 (vinyl DKP 9002) (UK),
    	Starlog/Varese Sarabande SV-95002 D (LP) (US) ('80)
    -	Wieniawski Virtuosso Violin Showpieces, Ruggiero Ricci -
    	Violin, Joanna Gruenberg - Piano. DKP 9003 (England)
    -	Jennifer Bate & Olivier Messiaen, The complete organ 
    	music. Les corps Glorieux, Diptyque. DKP(CD) 9004 
    	(England) ('80)
    -	Jennifer Bate & Oliver Messiaen, The complete organ
    	music. La Nativite du seigneur le banquet celeste. 
    	DKP(CD) 9005 (England) ('80)
    -	The Fenby Legacy, Music of Delius DKP 9008/9
    	(England) (tracks 1-5 on disc 1 and track 8 on disc 2 are
    	not UHJ encoded)('87). Real Time Cassette RT 9008/9B
    -	J.S. Bach - The Complete Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin.
    	Ruggiero Ricci - Violin. 3 records in a box with booklet 
    	DKP 9010/9011/9012 (England)
    -	Jennifer Bate - The great organ works of Cesar 
    	Franck, Volume I, DKP (CD) 9013 (England)
    -	Jennifer Bate - The great organ works of Cesar Franck, 
    	Volume II, DKP (CD) 9014 (England)
    -	Messiaen Organ Works Vol. 3 - Jennifer Bate. DKP 9015 (England)
    -	Panufnik - Concerto festivo/Landscape/Katyn
    	Epitaph/Concertino, Goedicke, Frye, London Symphony Orchestra,
    	conducted by Panufnik. DKP 9016 (England) ('81)
    -	Jennifer Bate & Olivier Messiaen - Meditations sur le 
    	mystere de la Sainte Trinite, L'Ascension, Messe de la 
    	Pentecote 9024/25 (England)
    -	London Sinfonietta cond.  Oliver Knussen, The Nash
    	Ensemble, Elaine Barry, Linda Hirst - Knussen -
    	Symphony No:2, Trumpets, Coursing, Cantata, DKP 9027
    	(England) (LP)
    -	Jennifer Bate, Olivier Messiaen, Livre d'Orgue, Apparition 
    	de l'Eglise eternelle, Verset pour la Fete de la Dedicace
    	DKP (CD) 9028 (England)('82)
    -	Jennifer Bate & Cesar Franck - Choral No.3, Pastorale, 
    	Priere, Final DKP(CD) 9030 (England)('84)
    -	NAD / Unicorn Digital Demonstration Record : Sounds of Musical
    	Instruments Unicorn UNS 269D 1981 (LP). A joint venture
    	product of NAD and Unicorn "to provide musical enjoyment" and
    	"to provide an accurate sound source for critical evaluation of
    	sound-reproducing equipment". Contains Unicorn recording samples
    	made between 1979-81. All but one track (Widor Toccata from 5th)
    	is UHJ-encoded.
    Various Record Labels
    -	A Room With a View, (original movie soundtrack). DRG
    	Records CDSBL 12588 DRG (CD), SBL 12588 DRG (LP),
    	SBLC 12588 (MC) ('83)
    -	Adrian Legg - Lost For Words, Making Waves, SPIN 127
    	(LP) (UK) ('86) 
    	Same engineer as "Till We Have Faces", i.e. John Acock.
    -	Advanced Music Systems released a demonstration disc to
    	promote the ST 250 soundfield microphone In 1991. The 
    	CD contains a track from York Ambisonics which is
    	UHJ encoded. AMS ST250 demo CD, AMS 001
    -	Alan Hacker and the Music Party - Gran Partita, Wolfgang Amadeus
    	Mozart. Nato Records 1132 (UK) ('87) (LP)
    -	Anthea Gifford at Coughton Court. National Trust NT CD001 (U.K.)
    {The title above is from a special record label that was established in
     collaboration with the National Trust (a public body in England that
     holds old houses and important pieces of land for the nation), the idea
     was to record music of the correct period in the old houses. The first
     two CD’s are the only UHJ encoded discs on the label. In theory they
     are only available at National Trust properties and shops, and I saw
     them at one house earlier this year, but they are distributed by
     Droffig Recordings, PO Box 1919, London N6  4PE}
    *	Bartok/ Stockhausen – Sonata For 2 Pianos & Percussion, Kontakte.
    	Assai Lento - Allegro Molto, Lento, Ma Non Troppo, Allegro Non Troppo, 
    	Kontakte, For Piano, Percussion And Electronic Sounds (1960).
    	Music And Arts Programs Of America, Inc. CD 648 (US) ('90)
    -	BBC H-Matrix Demo Disk. This LP  was printed around
    	1977. The cover says "BBC Radio presents A
    	Demonstration record of broadcast standard quadraphonic
    	program material recorded with the BBC matrix H 
    	system." The recordings were made in several European 
    	broadcasting companies, BBC, SFB (Germany), DR 
    	(Denmark), NOS (Netherlands), SR (Sweden), RF 
    	(France). Part of these were four channel tapes encoded by
    	the BBC
    -	David Bedford - Instructions For Angels. Virgin records V 2090
    	Matrix H (UK) ('77) (LP)
    -	Boots Audio/Aiwa Ambisonic System Demonstration. Available only
    	as a demo at the 1981 London Hi Fi Exhibition.
    -	Chamber Choir Camena, - Five o'clock in summer, cond.
    	Olli Vehkavaara, CM 9102 (Finland)('91)
    -	Choir of St. Albans Cathedral - English Cathedral Music of the
    	20th Century. Hyperion A66018 (UK) ('80) (LP)
    *	Martina Colli • Rossella Rubini – Gino Marinuzzi Piano Works.
    	Tactus TC 921301 (Italy (2012)
    -	Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session, BMG 8568-2-R
    	(Canada) ('88)
    *	Cowboy Junkies - Whites Off Earth Now!!, Latent Recordings ?2380-2-R
    	(Canada) ('90)
    {The CD versions are UHJ encoded, the MSFL 5.1 mix that is available as
     a SACD used the "Generate Perfect Surround" or GPS system to create
     the surround mix from the UHJ encoded 2-track master as the engineer
     was not happy with the UHJ decoding results} 
    -	Cultures Electroniques Collection Vol. 14: Lauréats du Concours
    	2000 (LDC 278 072/073)
    	Only the track "Expanse Hotel" by Ambrose Field is Ambisonic UHJ
    	encoded on this disc.
    -	DDT Jazzband - live at Storyville, DDTCD-1 (Finland)
    -	Derrick Cantrell - Organ Recital at Hepstonall Parish Church.
    	John Stanley - Voluntary in E minor, Vaughan Williams - Prelude on
    	"Rhosymedre", Handel - Concerto in G minor, J.S. Bach - Chorale Prelude
    	"Wachet auf!", J.S. Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D minor, Brahms - A Rose
    	Breaks Into Bllom, Pietro Yon - Toccatina for Flute, Flor Peeters -
    	Choral Prelude, "The star proclaims the King is here", C.P. Bach - Sonata
    	V, 3rd movement, Allegro. Calrec Audio Ltd AS1 (UK) (LP)
    -	Eddie Prevost and Jim O'Rourke - Third Straight Day Made Public. 
    	Complacency Records CPCD9302 (CD) (country unknown) ('93)
    {Recorded at company week 1990 London using the Ambisonic format, Only
     tracks 2 and 4 recorded using the Ambisonic format. Tracks 1 and 3 not UHJ
    -	Electric Phoenix - Trevor Wishart - Vox, Virgin Classics
    	VC 7 91108-2 ('90)
    -	Electric Phoenix - Electric Phoenix. WERGO WER 60094 (LP) ('83)
    -	Electric Phoenix: Luciano Berio, John Cage, William
    	Billings, EMI EL 27 04521 (LP) ('86)
    -	Ensemble XXI Moscow, cond.  Lygia O'Riordan - Mozart
    	- Adagio and fugue c-minor, Divertimentos D-major, B-
    	major and F-major, Dvorak - Serenade for strings E-major.
    	Ensemblegram CDM01 ('91)
    Zodiac CD Cover
    -	Frank Perry - Zodiac, Celestial Harmonies 13025-2
    	(Germany) Previously available on KPM records as
    	"Temple of the stars"
    -	Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.  Ulf Söderblom,
    	soloists Saarinen, Angervo, Lehtinen, Grönroos - Kalevi
    	Aho, Pergamon, Universitas Helsingiensis 350, UHCD 350
    -	Hi Fi News & Record Review - Test Record. Contains Ambisonic
    	test track. HFS81 (LP) ('81)
    -	Hi Fi News & Record Review - Test CD 2, There is an 
    	Ambisonic UHJ "Walk around" test as well as 4 nimbus
    	tracks that are UHJ. HFN 015 ('89)
    -	Holly Cole - Girl Talk, Alert/EMI 81016 (Canada)('90)
    	also Toshiba/EMI TOCP-7479 (Japan)('92)
    -	Izumi Tateno, piano - Stubbier; Sonatas for piano, sonatas 
    	18, 19, 20 and 21. double CD, Pony Canyon PCCL-00114 
    -	Jessye Norman, BBC Chorus, BBC Symphony orchestra, -
    	The last night of the proms, cond.  Sir Colin Davis. Live
    	recordings from the Royal Albert Hall, Philips 420 085-2
    	(Germany) H-matrix. Tracks 1-3 & 8-13 were recorded in 
    	1969, tracks 4-7 were recorded in 1972
    *	Jon Liles - Sad Pretty Girl. (MP3 & FLAC) (2013)
    {10-track album available as a download engineered in stereo compatible
     Ambisonics UHJ format}
    -	Joseph Anderson-Epiphanie Sequence. Sargasso SCD28056. 
    	All three pieces were recorded, mixed and produced in full 3D
    	B-format. All processing is B-format 'native'. You'll hear
    	imaging using dominance and dominance variants, also, a number
    	of 'common' effects, 'up-graded' to B-format. Of particular
    	interest is the 'native' B-format artificial reverberation
    	(using an FDN design).
    *	Juan Pampin - On Space.  Universal France 4806512 (2012)
    {released as part of Les Percussions de Strasbourg 50th Anniversary
     Edition 15-CD Box on disc 13. The recording was produced using the 
     Ambisonic Toolkit (ATK), and is the first 'on location' application of
     the ATK production system. A Soundfield ST250, 8 x Schoeps MK5 
     (omnidirectional) microphones were used}
    -	Karlheinz Stockhausen - Kontakte Fur Elektronische 
    	Klange, Klavier, und Schlagzeug, MUSIC & ARTS CD
    	604 ('90) - This piece was originally recorded in
    	quadraphonic before remastering for Ambisonic UHJ.
    -	King Sunny Ade and His African Beats - Live, Live Juju,
    	Rykodisc RCD 10047 ('88)
    -	Kyrkslatts Spelman - Kirkkonummen Pelimannit: Dansa Kajsa
    	KSCD-1 (Finland) '94
    -	Lappböle hornkapell - Jubileumsvindar, Juhlatuulella, 
    	LHKCD-1 (Finland)('93)
    -	Michael Stearns - Chronos, original soundtrack recording
    	for the film "Chronos" shown in I-MAX theaters.
    	Sonic Atmospheres 312 ('85)
    	(LP & CD)
    -	NAD/Unicorn Digital Demonstration Record: Sounds of Musical 
    	Instruments, Unicorn UNS 269D (UK) ('81) (LP)
    	A joint venture product of NAD and Unicorn "to provide musical
    	enjoyment" and "to provide an accurate sound source for critical
    	evaluation of sound-reproducing equipment". Contains Unicorn
    	recording samples made between 1979-81. All but one track (Widor
    	Toccata from 5th) is UHJ-encoded.
    -	Paganini Ensemble at Berrington Hall. Paganini - Trio Concert-
    	ante for viola, guitar and cello, Paganini - Quartet no. 11, 
    	Boccherini - Quintet in D major ("Fandango"). National Trust
    	NT CD002 (UK)
    {The title above is from a special record label that was established in
     collaboration with the National Trust (a public body in England that
     holds old houses and important pieces of land for the nation), the idea
     was to record music of the correct period in the old houses. The first
     two C.D.s are the only UHJ encoded discs on the label. In theory they
     are only available at National Trust properties and shops, and I saw
     them at one house earlier this year, but they are distributed by
     Droffig Recordings, PO Box 1919, London N6  4PE}
    -	Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio Royal Liverpool
    	Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, cond. Carl Davis, Kiri
    	Te Kanawa, Burgess, Hadley, White; McCartney/ Davis ,
    	EMI CDS 7 54371 2, 4D2Q 54731 (MC) (England)('91)
    	The BBC in affiliation with PBS produced a video of this
    	recording. The video is not Ambisonic and appears to be
    	recorded on another night.
    -	Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio - The World You're
    	Coming Into. Kiri Te Kanawa, Sally Burgess, Jerry Hadley,
    	Willard White, Tres Conejos, KIRICD 1 (EMI 20 4512 2)
    	(cd-single) (England)('91)
    *	Pierre De La Rue, Josquin Des Prés : New London Chamber Choir – 
    	Requiem / Mass - Hercules Dux Ferrariae And Deploration. 
    	Amon Ra CD-SAR 24 (CD & LP) (UK) ('86)
    {Recorded at St. Barnabas Church, Finchley, Nov 1985, Recorded and edited
     using CLUE system, Sony PCM 701 Digital encoder, Calrec Soundfield 
     microphone (Ambisonic UHJ encoded)
    -	Reine Rimon & Eiusque Papae Fervidissimi - Variationes
    	Horatianae Iazzicae, HOT-01 (Finland)('93)
    -	Runrig - Once in a lifetime (live), Chrysalis CDP 32 1695 2
    	('88), CHR 1695 (LP)
    -	Runrig - The Cutter & The Clan, Chrysalis CDP 32 16692
     	CHR 1669 (LP) ('88)
    *	Russell Haswell – In It (Immersive Live Salvage). Editions Mego
    	eMEGO 115 (LP + DVD) (Austria) (2011)
    {DVD using Dolby Digital & DTS}
    *	Russell Haswell – Scandinavian Parts (Immersive Live Salvage
    	Supplement). iDEAL Recordings iDEAL099 (Sweden) (2012)
    -	Steve Hackett - Till we have faces, Start Records SCD 11,
    	also -Chrysalis VK 41 571, DIDX 2958  (England), All
    	tracks except "Doll made in japan" are UHJ encoded.
    	Herald HER 010-2 ('94) This U.S. issue has two
    	bonus tracks, from '86 & '87 that are not UHJ encoded.
    -	Sound Pressure- Pressure Points, Soundprints SP93011993
    	This is a compilation album. Only track 8, "Tableaux Vivants"
    	by Jim Tenney recorded at Dacary Hall in Toronto in 1990
    	is UHJ encoded.
    -	TAGC (The Anti-Group Communications) - Digitaria, Sweatbox records
    	SACD 012 (UK), SAX 012 (LP)
    *	TAGC (The Anti-Group Communications) -  Audiophile. Anterior Research
    	Recordings ARR 001 (Italy)
    {A Compilation including tracks from Digitaria}
    -	The Alan Parsons Project - Stereotomy, Track 5-"In the
    	real world" is not UHJ encoded. Arista 259 050 (England)
    	ARCD-8384 (U.S.) AL9-8384 (U.S. LP), VPKI 7529 (Australia MC) ('85)
    -	The Albion Ensemble - A recital music for Wind, SNH 501
    -	The Choir of Tiirismaa Music Classes - Christmas Carols
    	Karita Mattila soprano, Kalevi Kiviniemi organ, Markku
    	Krohn perc: Lahti Organ Festival LOFCD-101 (Finland)
    -	The Easy Club - Skirlie Beat, REL Records RELS 483 (LP)
    -	The Last Night of the Proms. Philips 6502-001 (LP), Matrix H
    	(England), This was the original release of the 1969 Proms
    -	The Sibelius Academy Chamber Orchestra: Kokkonen; ...durch einen
    	Spiegel, Linjama; Elegy for strings, Bela Bartok; Divertimento.
    	Sibelius Academy SibaRecords SACD-2 (Finland) '92. (LP)
    	This is a private production by The Sibelius Academy (SA-CD),
    	recorded in January 1991.
    -	The York Waits - The Punk's Delight. Huntsup Records (U.K.)
    -	The York Waits - The City Musicke. Brewhouse Music, (U.K.) ('94)
    -	Tony Coe - Tournee Du Chat. Nato Records 19 (France) ('82) (LP)
    -	Treatment - Cipher Caput, Delerium records, Delec 026 
    	(U.K.) LP & CD ('93)
    *	Various – Variations 2, A London Compilation. Paradigm Discs PD 05
    	(UK) ('98)
    {Track 8 for 4 channel tape and live electronics via the SOUND=SPACE
     System; live at the ICA MusICA 2 festival 1-12-92}  
    -	World Record, WWCD002 (Mfg. in Japan, U.K. Distribution)('84)
    	This is an album of world music, with performers from
    	Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Cuba.
    	The album features all live recordings, some done with the
    	Soundfield mic and rendered in UHJ, and some done with
    	Zuccarelli's binaural system.
    	Eero says, "on the basis of my subjective listening
    	experience, tracks 1-4, 8-9 and 13 are most likely
    	Ambisonics and tracks 5-7 and 10-12 are holophonics".
    -	Youth Choir of Kuusankoski Church - In Christmas
    	Concert, KKNK-7 (Finland)('93)
    York Ambisonics -
    Compact discs and Cassettes
    CD in catalog number refers to Compact Disc, MC and HAC in catalog number refers to Cassette.
    -	John Scott Whiteley - Great Romantic Organ Music,
    	YORK CD (or MC)101 (England)('87)
    -	Philip Moore, John Scott Whiteley - Sounds of York
    	Minster, YORK CD (or MC) 103 (England)('88)
    -	David Flood, Michael Harris, Choir of Canterbury
    	Cathedral : Sounds of Canterbury, YORK CD (or MC) 107 
    -	David Flood - The Organ of Canterbury Cathedral, YORK
    	CD (or MC) 108 (England)('90)
    -	David Flood, Michael Harris, Choir of Canterbury
    	Cathedral : Canterbury Carols, YORK CD (or MC) 109
    	(England) ('90)
    -	Margaret Phillips - Saint-Saens: Music for Organ, YORK 
    	CD (or MC) 110 (England)('90)
    -	Margaret Phillips: Wesley; Music for Organ, The 1793
    	James Davis Organ of Wymondham Abbey, Norfolk,
    	YORK CD (or MC) 111 (England)
    	Music for Organ was first released in 1992 on cassette 
    	only and then in 1995 on CD
    -	Michael Harris - The Widor tradition, French organ music 
    	from Canterbury Cathedral, YORK CD 112 (England)('91)
    -	John Scott Whiteley, The Organ of York Minster: The Romantic
    	Organ - Krieger, Brahms, Manari, Reubke, Franck, Widor,
    	Kodaly, Dupre, YORK CD114 (England)('95)
    -	The Choir of Canterbury Cathedral - The Canterbury
    	Tradition, YORK CD 116 (England)('92)
    -	Margaret Phillips: Saint-Saens Plus Two, The "Father"
    	Willis Organ at St Michael & All Angels, Gt.Torrington:
    	Saint-Saens, Lefebure-Wely, Dubois, YORK CD 117 (England)
    -	Evensong at York Minster-Philip Moore, John Scott Whiteley,
    	Choir of York Minster. YORK CD 119. (England)('97)
    -	The Choristers of Canterbury Cathedral: Purcell, Vaughan
    	Williams, Stanford, Burgon, Campbell, Hurford, Handel,
    	Britten, Knight, Schubert, Piccolo, Faure, Rutter, YORK
    	CD 120 (England)('94)
    -	The Choir of Canterbury Cathedral, Organist and Master of
    	the Choristers; David Flood, organ: Michael Harris;Three
    	Masses from Canterbury Cathedral, YORK CD 127 ('95) (England)
    -	A Canterbury Christmas, The Choir and Organ of Canterbury
    	Cathedral Directed by David Flood. Timothy Noon, organ YORK
    	CD 136 (England)('98)
    -	Sounds of St Giles' - Michael Harris, John Harris, Choir of
    	St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh. YORK CD 141.(England)('98)
    -	Christmas at St Giles' - Michael Harris, John Harris, Choir of
    	St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh. YORK CD 152. (England)('99)
    -	The Lay Clerks of Canterbury Cathedral - David Flood.
    	YORK CD 158. (England) (2000)
    -	Easter at Canterbury - David Flood, Timothy Noon, Choir of
    	Canterbury Cathedral. YORK CD 162. (England) (2000)
    -	Masters of the Music - Philip Moore, John Scott Whiteley,
    	Choir of York Minster. YORK CD 164. (England)(2000)
    -	Hymns at St Giles' - Michael Harris, Peter Backhouse, Choir of
    	St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh. YORK CD 167. (England)(2001)
    -	Andrew Carter's Christmas Carols Quire of London. John Scott,
    	organ. Directed by Andrew Carter. YORK CD 169 (England)(2002)
    -	The Organ at St Giles' The Rieger organ of St Giles' Cathedral,
    	Edinburgh. Michael Harris. YORK CD 172 (Scotland) (2002) 
    -	The Organ of St David’s Cathedral Timothy Noon. YORK CD 173
    	(England) (2002)
    -	A Christmas Greeting Choir of St David’s Cathedral. Simon Pearce,
    	organ. Directed by Timothy Noon. YORK CD 174. (England) (2002)
    *	Faure / Durufle Requiem.  Canterbury Cathedral Choir & Orchestra,
    	Matthew Martin. YORK CD 177 (England)(2003)
    *	Sing Joyfully. Simon Pearce (organ), Choir of St David’s Cathedral,
    	Timothy Noon. YORK CD 181 (England) (2004)
    *	An Edinburgh Celebration. Peter Backhouse (organ), The Choir of St
    	Giles' Cathedral, Michael Harris. YORK CD 185 (England) (2004)
    *	Christmas at Ripon Cathedral. Thomas Leech (organ), Choirs of Ripon
    	Cathedral, Andrew Bryden. YORK CD 191 (England) (2006)
    *	Inspiration: The Canterbury Collection. Robert Patterson (organ), 
    	Canterbury Cathedral Choir, David Flood. YORK CD 192 (England)
    *	Walking In A Garden. Choir of St David’s Cathedral, Simon Pearce.
    	YORK CD 195 (England) (2006)
    *	Rhapsody: The Organ of St David’s Cathedral. Timothy Noon. YORK CD 198
    	(England)  (2006)
    *	I Was Glad. The Choir of St Giles Cathedral Edinburgh, Peter Backhouse
    	(organ). YORK CD 201 (England) (2008)
    *	The Choir of Canterbury Cathedral, Director Gerald Flood, Organist Tim
    	Harper. Britten: A Ceremony of Carols, Mendelssohn: Lift Thine Eyes, 
    	Hear My Prayer, I Waited for the Lord. Stanford: Magnificat & Nunc
    	Dimittis in G. McGlynn: Maria Matrem Virginem. Noon: Evocation to a
    	Friend. Barber: Agnus Dei. York CD 202 (2008)
    *	Hail, Gladdening light. Peter Backhouse (organ), The Choir of St Giles'
    	Cathedral, Edinburgh, Michael Harris. YORK CD 212 (England) (2010)
    *	Gloria. John Robinson (organ), The Choir of Canterbury Cathedral, 
    	David Flood. YORK CD 214 (England) (2010)
    -	Advent and Christmas at Portsmouth Cathedral Choir of Portsmouth
    	Cathedral. David Thorne, organ. Directed by Anthony Froggatt.
    	YORK CD 835. (England) (2002)
    	Reissue of 1983 digital recording originally released on cassette
    -	The Choir of York Minster, Philip Moore, John Scott
    	Whiteley, Organ: Christmas at York Minster; Mulat,
    	Commette, Vierne, YORK CD (and HAC) 846 (England)
    	originally released in 1984,extra tracks-the organ pieces-were
    	recorded later to make the program long enough for CD release
    	in 1991.
    York AmbisonicsCompact cassettes and Vinyl Records
    HAC & MC in catalog number refers to Cassette. HAR in catalog number refers to Vinyl Phonograph Record
    -	Ronald Perrin - Organ Favorites from Ripon Cathedral, 
    	YORK MC 102 (England)('87)
    -	York Minster Chapter House Choir - Nocturne, A sequence 
    	of music for the night, YORK MC 104 (England)('87)
    -	Lincoln Cathedral Choir, directed by David Flood - Music 
    	for all seasons, YORK MC 105 (England)('88)
    -	Francis Jackson and John Scott Whiteley - The Organ at
    	York Minster 1, HAC (and HAR) 791 (England)
    -	York Minster Chapter House Choir - Carols by candlelight, 
    	HAC (and HAR) 792 (England)('79) (HJ Encoded)
    -	Ampleforth Schola Canthorum etc.  Sounds of Ampleforth, 
    	HAC (and HAR) 801 (England) (HJ Encoded)
    -	Ronald Perrin and Marcus Huxley - Ripon Cathedral
    	Choir, HAC 802 (England)('80)
    -	The Whispering Wind Band conducted by Alan Hacker, HAC (and HAR) 811
    	(England) (1981)
    -	York Minster Chapter House Choir - Teddy Bears' Picnic,
    	HAC (and HAR) 812 (England)('81)
    -	The Choir of York Minster, Conducted by Francis Jackson,
    	John Scott Whiteley, org.  HAC (and HAR) 821 (England)
    -	John Scott Whiteley - The Organ at York Minster 2, HAC
    	831 (England)
    -	Durham Cathedral Choir, conducted by Richard Lloyd,
    	HAC (and HAR) 832 (England)('83)
    -	Francis Jackson - The Organ at York Minster 3, HAC 833
    -	Ripon Cathedral Choir and Organ 2, HAC 834 (England)
    -	Portsmouth Cathedral Choir, directed by Anthony Froggatt
    	- Advent and Christmas at Portsmouth Cathedral, HAC
    	835 (England)('83)
    -	The Choir and Organ of Beverly Minster - Sounds of 
    	Beverly Minster, HAC (and HAR) 842 (England) ('84)
    -	Durham Cathedral Choir, conducted by Richard Lloyd - 
    	Nearer, My God, to Thee and other hymns, HAC 852 
    Radio Broadcasts
    Ambisonics was used in radio broadcasting in England, Finland and the USA
    in 1980's thru the 1990's for more than 10 years.
    Over and above the Surround effects, the benefit of uhj encoding in the 
    radio is good stereo and mono compatibility. All listeners hear the same 
    as the surround listeners do.
    Ambisonics doesn't have any limitations in sound placement, direct sound
    can come from anywhere around the listener, and is reproducible as the 
    original Producer intended. This is important for radio drama, as the 
    scenes don't need to take place on a stage but rather wrap the listener 
    into the play.
    Dolby Surround was originally designed for cinema use, in which case the 
    rear channel is intended only for narrow bandwidth effects spread across 
    a large number of small surround speakers, giving a diffuse rear image. 
    Delaying the surround channel effectively prevents direct sound, 
    particularly the dialogue track, being placed behind the listener. In 
    modern decoders using Pro-Logic surround steering, a sudden loud noise
    in a front channel will cause pumping of the surround channel.
    There are many opinions about listening to Ambisonic recordings in 
    stereo, but most people find it more open and spacious than ordinary 
    Ambisonics reduces the feeling of sounds being placed on a line between 
    the loudspeakers, and in good listening conditions the sound spreads well 
    outside the loudspeakers.
    Written By: Eero Aro & Mark Decker
    - BBC Radio Scotland transmitted on the 7th of June 1983 a 40 minute radio feature called The Seventh Church. The program was recorded by Chilton Inglis. The Seventh Church was recorded in 1977. It was the first ever professional Ambisonic recording and the first periphonic (three dimensional) b-format recording. The program was trans- mitted in uhj encoded stereo. The only commercial equipment available at the time was a proto- type of the Calrec Soundfield microphone that was on loan for the studios from Howard Smith. All other Ambisonic gear was custom built by Chilton Inglis including a periphonic pan pot with a 45 degrees vertical tilt. Recording and mixing was accomplished by a complicated system using two studios with the actors in the first one and another studio which was used as a periphonic echo chamber. There were four studio assistants playing the effects in real time and a floor manager directing the actors in the studio. The complete program was recorded in one take. Only one edit was made to the tape. This was largely due to the meticulous preparation and rehearsal by Philip Whitaker, whose script was laid out like a musical score. Written By: Eero Aro
    - Performances of the St. Louis Opera Theater were recorded with a Calrec Soundfield mike, These were broadcast on the St. Louis PBS affiliate (KWMU) in UHJ format from 1984 to 1992. Pro Sound News wrote in August 84 that more than 100 people listened recently to the first official Ambisonic surround sound broadcast from KWMU. KWMU no longer broadcasts shows from the Opera theater since a new general manager took over at the station. He apparently is not a fan of opera.
    - The Coffee Room, a radio play was broadcast in the UHJ format in May of '84 on KWMU, a PBS affiliate in St. Louis.
    - And Enter the Land of Moriah. Tony Trull, Daryl Wilkinson. This radio play was broadcast in the UHJ format on KWMU, a PBS affiliate in St. Louis. No info on the year of transmission.
    - Chronos - a film by Ron Fricke and music by Michael Stearns, was broadcast from its I-MAX theater debut via satellite to over 200 radio stations in the U.S. The May '85 opening was broadcast in UHJ format on Stephan Hills program Music from the hearts of space.
    - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here. the BBC obtained the masters and remixed them for Matrix H transmission in 1978, they were done by Tony Wilson at the BBC, broadcast over National BBC FM Radio 2 in the United Kingdom.
    The following radio dramas have been produced and broadcast UHJ encoded by The Radio Theater of The Finnish Broadcasting Company: (dates are in Month / Day / Year format) - Erik Ohls: Sulka (The Feather), broadcast Feb 1991, duration 49'15". The original Swedish language version Fjadern was awarded by the first prize in Prix Italia in 1991 - J.M.Coetzee/Thomas Preis/Carita Backstrom:Mr. Foe, broadcast May 11 1992, duration 59'45" - Angela Carter/Erik Ohls: Vampyrella, broadcast Aug 17 1992, duration 89'03" - Zacharias Topelius/Solveig Mattsson: Faltskarns berattelser (total 13 parts, parts 1-5 uhj encoded) Pt1 broadcast Sept 1 1992, duration 20'57" Pt2 broadcast Sept 3 1992, duration 25'47" Pt3 broadcast Sept 8 1992, duration 15'20" Pt4 broadcast Sept 10 1992, duration 18'58" Pt5 broadcast Sept 15 1992, duration 26'48" - Liisa Pankola/Laura Ruohonen: Totterhoffenin kutsu (The call of Totterhoffen), broadcast Oct 27. 1992, duration 25'30" - Juha Seppala/Ari Kallio: Sininen torni (The Blue Tower), broadcast Nov 20. 1992, duration 32' - Mikael Sievers: Kaikujen varjot (The Shadows of the Echoes), broadcast May 30. 1993, duration 72'23" - Paavo Haavikko/Mikael Sievers: Viimeinen haastattelu Tamminiemessa (The last interview in Tamminiemi), broadcast Dec 6. 1993, duration 64'12" - Olli Jalonen/Eero Aro/Pekka Ruohoranta: Tuhkasaari (The Ash Island), Pt1 The Glass Fences, broadcast Jan 1. 1994, duration 15'15" Pt2 At Sea, broadcast Jan 8. 1994, duration 21'22" Pt3 The land of Snamuh, broadcast Jan 15. 1994, duration 29'20" Pt4 Homecoming, broadcast Jan 22. 1994, duration 29'20" - Mikael Sievers: Rakkauden aani (The Sound of Love) Originally a public performance at the Tampere Theatre Festival broadcast Oct 26. 1993, duration 65'45" - Jussi Kylatasku/Mikael Sievers: Keisari ja Poika (Ceasarand the Son), broadcast Apr 18. 1994, duration 80'15" - William Gibson/Mikael Sievers: Neurovelho (Neuro Mancer), Pt1 broadcast March 6. 1995, duration 35'50" Pt2 broadcast March 13. 1995, duration 49'55" Pt3 broadcast March 20. 1995, duration 40'28" Pt4 broadcast March 27. 1995, duration 71'38" - Petter Sairanen/Atro Kahiluoto: Tulevaisuuden menneisyys (The Past of the Future), broadcast April 23. 1996, duration 55'50"
    - The BBC broadcasts some UHJ encoded radio dramas In the '70s & '80s in Maida Vale, London. After the BBC officially discontinued the use of UHJ encoding, many UHJ broadcasts were still done without their consent. "Gilgamesh" was recorded in full periphonic surround and then encoded to UHJ format for broadcast. The play was written, produced and directed by Alec Reid, sound engineer was Ted de Bono. Gilgamesh was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 an 21 March 1983 and repeated on the 27th. The following radio dramas have been produced and broadcast UHJ encoded by The BBC (Prog Name, Producer, Prod Date (D/M/Y), Duration) - Golden Girls Pt. 1 & 2, Vanessa Whitburn, 12/4/86, each 90'00" - The Nine Tailors, Vanessa Whitburn, 29/8/86, 118'00" - Death and the Tango, Nigel Bryant, 14/06/90, 75'37" - A Confidential Agent - Poison in the Air, Philip Martin, 01/10/90, 44'07" - A Confidential Agent - A Husband Scorned, P.M., 07/10/90, 44'14" - King Solomon’s Mines, N.B., 26/10/90, 87'13" - Arthurs Knight - Ep.4 Sir Accolon, N.B., 11/11/90, 42'14" - Kingdom of Carrion and Crows, N.B., 23/11/90, 106'23" - A Confidential Agent - Sharks Have Pearly Teeth, P.M., 21/02/91, 44'09" - A Confidential Agent - Fire, P.M., 22/02/91, 44'15" - Cupid and Psyche, P.M., 26/02/91, 92'10" - Captain Cook and the Kraken, N.B., 05/03/91, 44'15" - Whiphand Eps 1 - 5, P.M., 09 - 15/04/91, each 27'30" - Arthurs Knight - Ep3 Sir Erec, N.B., 16/04/91, 47'55" - The Astonishing Joseph Darby, N.B., 15/05/91, 57'14" - GIGO, P.M., 05/06/91, 56'11" - Russia, N.B., 13/06/91, 89'15" - Arthurs Knight - Ep1 Sir Gawain, N.B., 10/07/91, 53'02" - Morris on the Somme, N.B., 11/07/91, 56'45" - A Movie Starring Me, P.M., 07/08/91, 77'43" - Robin Hood, N.B., 25/09/91, 87'01" - Tess of the d'Urbevilles Eps 1 - 3, N.B., 23 - 27/10/91, each 57'14" - Macbeth, N.B., 28/11/91, 129'38" - Assassins, N.B., 23/01/92, 88'56" - A View to a Haunt, N.B., 21/02/92, 123'16" - Castle of the Star Pts 1 + 2, N.B., 7 - 9/04/92, each 56'50" - Arthurs Knight - Ep2 Sir Bedivere, N.B., 14/04/92, 54'49" - The Eagle has Flown, P.M., 05/05/92, 116'48" - Walker in the Night, N.B., 12/06/92, 81'14" - Arthurs Knight - Ep5 Sir Perceval, N.B., 07/07/92, 57'45" - Arthurs Knight - Ep6 Sir Mordred, N.B., 09/07/92, 52'28" - Yaxleys Cat, N.B., 28/08/92, 87'16" - We Cast Four Shadows, N.B., 01/10/92, 74'15" - Heads, N.B., 03/10/92, 29'32" - Of Myths and Men, N.B., 20/10/92, 56'43" - La Bete Humaine Eps. 1 - 3, N.B., 26 - 31/10/92, each 57'15" - The Love song of Alfred J. Hitchcock, P.M., 20/11/92, 128'08" - Twelfth Night, N.B., 24/11/92, 110'15" - The Arabian Nights Ep. 1, N.B., 18/01/93, 29'24" - The Arabian Nights Ep. 7, N.B., 21/01/93, 29'29" - Contraband, N.B., 02/02/93, 88'55" - The Arabian Nights Eps. 2 - 6, N.B., 22 - 26/02/93, each 29'30" - Gaveston, N.B., 29/04/93, 87'13" - Holy Fool, N.B., 11/05/93, 89'14" - Bolt, Eps. 1 - 5, Shaun MacLoughlin, 21 - 25/5/93, 27'00" - Blue Glass and the Sun God, S.M., 21/07/93, 49'32" - Zorba the Greek, P.M., 6 - 8/08/93, each 57'15" - The War of the End of the World, S.M., 11 - 15/08/93, each 57'00" - Cathal of the Woods, N.B., 03/09/93, 57'16" - The Druid, N.B., 01/10/93, 86'19" - Oliver Twist Eps. 1 - 6, N.B., 25 - 31/10/93, each 28'00" - Winston Back Home Eps. 1 - 6, S.M., 29/11 - 3/12/93, each 28'00" - The Detective, N.B., 17/12/93, 88'59" - The Mayor of Casterbridge Eps. 1 - 4, N.B., 18 - 23/01/94, each 57'15"- - The Devils Province, N.B., 22/04/94, 89'16" - Over the Rainbow, N.B., 20/05/94, 74'15" - Hangover Square, Sue Wilson, 08/07/94, 89'13" - An Inspector Called Morse, N.B., 22/07/94, 76'38" - The Fairy Queen, N.B., 05/10/94, 191'16" - Untold Secrets, S.W., 26/10/94, 74'11" - A Stone from Heaven, Pts 1 + 2, N.B., 22 - 25/11/94, each 89'17" - Dream of Spring, S.W., 15/12/94, 74'14" - Another Life, S.M., 23/12/94, 57'29" - Oh What a Lovely War, S.W., 28/01/95, 104'00" - Lightbulbs, S.W., 15/02/95, 29'15" - Now You See Me, Rosemary Watts, 20/02/95, 29'17" - Over Sea Under Stone Eps. 1 - 4, N.B., 21 - 24/03/95, each 29'15" - Mr. Love, R.W., 31/03/95, 57'27" - Albion Tower, S.W., 14/05/95, 49'09" - The Scholar Gypsy, R.W., 19/05/95, 57'17" - The Book of Shadows, S.W., 06/07/95, 88'03" - The Piano Eps. 1 - 3, S.W., 6 - 10/08/95, each 57'10" - Barnaby Rudge Eps. 1 - 3, S.W., 1 - 5/10/95, each 57'15" - The Tempest, S.W., 07/12/95, 146'35" - After Easter, S.W., 17/03/96, 142'03" - Girlies Ep. 1, Kristine Landon-Smith, 28/3/96, 27'15" - The Old Curiosity Shop Eps. 1 - 6, S.W., 15 - 20/04/96, each 27'15" - The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral, R.W., 21/06/96, 87'14" - The Beauty of Bone, Vanessa Whitburn, 10/07/96, 57'15" - Women in Love Eps. 1 - 4, S.W., 13 - 19/07/96, each 57'00" - Meredith, N.B., 04/08/96, 89'13" - Wallis Eps. 1 - 3, S.W., 7 - 11/10/96, each 57'15" - Girlies Eps. 2 - 4, K. L-S., 15 - 17/12/96, each 27'30" - Mansfield Park Eps. 1 - 3, S.W., 13 - 17/01/97, each 57'10" - Fond Memories, Brian Lighthill, 14/04/97, 74'22" - Friends of Oscar, Bill Alexander, 07/05/97, 117'10" - Where Waters Meet, S.W., 17/05/97, 57'12" - The Relapse, S.W., 15/08/97, 150'00" - Childhoods End Eps. 1 - 2, B.L., 8 - 10/09/97, each 57'20" - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, S.W., 16/11/97, 57'53" - The Archers, the BBC's Radio 4 daily soap, has been recorded in UHJ since about April '97, this is transmitted at 1900 Sunday to Friday, and at 1400 Monday to Friday, with a 75 minute omnibus on a Sunday morning. The following radio dramas were produced and broadcast UHJ encoded by The BBC and have been released on commercial cassette - The Piano. Argo (Div.of Polygram Records) 526 125 4, ISBN 1 85849 601 2 ('96) The rest are available in the BBC Classic Collection - Women in Love. ZBBC 1922, ISBN 0-563-38984-2 - The Old Curiosity Shop. ZBBC 1946, ISBN 0-563-38185-X - Mansfield Park. ZBBC 1996, ISBN 0-563-38113-2 - The Pickwick Papers. ZBBC 2017, ISBN 0-563-38144-2 - Barnaby Rudge. ZBBC 2101, ISBN 0-563-38119-1 Following Classical Concerts have been produced and broadcast UHJ encoded by The BBC (Prog Name, Producer, Prod Date (M/D/Y), Duration) - Kings Lynn Festival - Takacs Quartet - Beethoven + Haydn (6 Concerts) 28/7/86 - 2/8/86
    During the BBC's experimental period with Quadraphony and Surround
    Sound, it was not uncommon for no indication to be given to inform the
    listener of a matrixed broadcast. 
    While the main reason for the experimental broadcasts was to define
    which matrix format provided the best performance, another reason was to
    test the matrix formats for mono/stereo compatibility.
    Although matrix decoders were available to the public for most of the
    formats they were testing, listeners were still expected to be using 
    mono and stereo equipment. Therefor compatibility with existing formats
    was a requirement and so not to sway any opinions on sound quality, it
    was decided not to announce to the audience when a matrix format was
    being used.
    Radio Policy since mid-1982 at the BBC has been that no further
    experiments should be conducted in surround sound until and unless a
    discrete system (4-4-4) might arise in the future and that no spoken or
    written publicity should be given to any recordings existing in matrixed
    form. This would avoid encouraging listeners to expect further
    broadcasts in the format.
    The two reasons why Ambisonic material was not to be publicized on Radio
    is that listeners might be encouraged to purchase decoders in
    expectation of significant future output in the medium, but since the
    BBC has no such intention and no major record company uses the
    The BBC has never indicated when broadcasting a disc that has been
    encoded in SQ, QS or any other format. Only one or two manufacturers
    still offer matrices and publicity would be seen as advertising their
    wares, a very different situation from mentioning a world-wide industry
    standard such as the Compact Disc.
    *	Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, BBC Radio Play 1978
    	(Matrix H)
    Television Broadcasts
    -	"Dreams" - A CBS T.V. series produced by Bruce Botnick.
    	was recorded in Ambisonics. This was reported in Pro
    	Sound News 1984 issue. 
    -	Washington, D.C., Hi fi-video 1001.
    	David Moore wrote in Recording Engineer/Producer in
    	Dec 1986 about this video postcard that was encoded in
    	Ambisonic surround sound.
    	The producer was Stephen J. Nicholas, also working
    	with the project were Tom Gandy/Audio & Design, Mike
    	Lewis/composer, Mack Emmerman/Criteria Studios, sound
    	designer. The video was distributed by : Nicholas
    	Communications out of Virginia. 
    -	Ambisonics 1990 - by Stuart Garman, Adrian Farmer,
    	Jonathan Halliday and Gerald Reynolds. Nimbus Records
    	made a demo video in 1990 while negotiating with stereo
    	manufacturers to include Ambisonic decoders in their home
    	theater systems. The folks listed above describe the system
    	and There are also excerpts from a Promenade concert in
    	Royal Albert Hall, BBC World Symphony Orchestra
    	directed by Tadaaki Otaka, A steam locomotive passing in
    	the Dean Forest Railway, Pictures from the Nimbus CD
    	plant, Zoo birds, flamingoes etc, Farnborough Airshow,
    	fighters passing, Red Arrows, Etc.
    	This video was never distributed commercially, only as a 
    	promotion. Duration of the video is 14'50", NTSC ?/
    	PAL=S-VHS format
    Rumored UHJ Recordings
    *	Engineer John Timperley employed a transcoder on virtually all his 
    	mixes over the course of over a dozen years until his death in 2006.
    	Unfortunately the albums, film soundtracks and other projects he created
    	in UHJ over this period are largely undocumented at present, and thus
    	remain unlisted in the Discography. 
    	Richard Elen is quoted as saying "There is also a bunch of undocumented
    	UHJ recordings by John Timperley done from around the early 1990s that
    	someone needs to go through at some point. He had my Ambisonic system
    	throughout the time I was living in the US, and for a few years before,
    	and later told me that "he did everything with it", which in his case
    	was mainly using the Transcoder, generally with reverb at the rear and
    	the mix across a respectable stage width at the front. McCartney's 
    	"Liverpool Oratorio" is done like that for example, and it would be 
    	worth someone going through the Collins Classics list, finding which
    	were mixed by John, and see if they decode.
    *	The New Reformation Dixieland Band - Beginnings: Volume II. IMF 
    	Electronics AMB 5204 (LP) (England)
    	Advertised on 1981 flyer as "AVAILABLE SHORTLY", but no evidence it was
    	ever released.
    *	The John Fox Symphonic/Synthonic Orchestra - Pomp and Glory: The Best
    	of Edward Elgar. Sonoton SON 269 (LP) (Germany)
    	UHJ is not mentioned on the sleeve, However, Richard Elen is credited
    	as the Sound Engineer on Side B. The synthonic recording also appeared
    	on a CD "Pomp & Glory. Sonoton SCD 005 (German)". 
    -	Gentle Giant-Golders Green Hippodrome, London, January
    	5th 1978. Radio Broadcast January 21, 1978 in H-Matrix.
    	The above concert has been issued on CD as "BBC Radio 1 In
    	Concert" Windsong, WIN CD 066 (England) ('94) & and as part
    	of a two-disc set, "Out Of The Fire" Hux Records, HUX008
    	(England) ('98). The latter and this bonus CD apparently
    	contain a previously missing track. It was also issued on
    	video as a DVD titled "Sight and Sound in Concert" Alucard UK
    	B000EQ5VCW. The audio from the stereo broadcast is used for
    	the DVD as well as the CD.
    	Pete Drummond's [edited for transmission] on-stage intro to
    	the concert ("In Concert" #169, which was broadcast January
    	21, 1978) apparently stated: "Hello and welcome to Radio 1's
    	[Sight and Sound] In Concert which you can hear on 247 meters
    	on the Medium wave, in stereo on the Radio 2 VHF network,
    	between 88 and 91 Megahertz, and, [of course, you can see it on 
    	BBC2 in color. And, as a special first for tonight's show,
    	we're broadcasting in Quadraphonic so, those of you that have
    	got a BBC H-matrix quadraphonic decoder, well.. you're very
    	lucky and if you've got four ears you're luckier still!
    	Richard Elen provided a review:
    	On decoding it via our UHJ decode process, it does indeed
    	appear to be an Ambisonic recording (with the exception of
    	the last two tracks, which are of dubious audio quality, come
    	from OGWT in 1974, and are in mono). Audience appears to come
    	largely from the rear while the band occupies a wide front stage
    	and some items pop out or occasionally occupy locations further
    	round. Non-LF aspects of the soundfield appear to be rotated 
    	somewhat, which does indeed suggest Matrix H, and the surround
    	decode is definitely worth the effort. Goodness knows what setup
    	was used to record this.
    -	In August of '84, Studio Sound magazine reported on  Steve
    	Hackett’s - Till we have Faces album, recorded in UHJ. The
    	article mentions that 3 multi-track mastered Ambisonic UHJ
    	singles were to be recorded next at Marcus Music in London.
    	The singles mentioned to be released in Europe on the Phonogram
    	label were from the bands "Daimyo", "Tea Set" and "Scotty
    -	The DVD version of the Ron Fricke IMAX movie "Chronos" (sound-
    	track by Michael Stearns) claims to have "16-bit stereo digital
    	sound" with no 5.1/AC-3 content, suggesting that the audio is
    	not sourced from the IMAX audio. The mix appears to be identical
    	to the UHJ encoded CD, which did not seem to be the case with
    	the VHS edition of Chronos.
    -	music on ANPR label
    -	music on NPR label 
    	(This is probably not National Public Radio since they	
    	 we’re not impressed by a soundfield mic demo.)
    -	Cantabile - Oscars (Renamed later to "A Tribute to Hollywood". First
    	Night Records CAST CD 29 (CD) (England) ('92), DURECO 1158972 (MC)
    	This recording might be UHJ encoded, status has not yet been determined
    Recordings thought to be UHJ, but are not
    *	The following two titles were thought to UHJ based on the fact that the
    	IBA made H-Matrix test radio transmissions during the same years as those
    	concerts were recorded. Based on reviews by others during decoded
    	playback the consensus is they are not encoded.
    -	BBC Singers, BBC Symphony Chorus, BBC Symphony Orchestra, - 
    	Highlights from the Last Night of the Proms, cond. Sir Charles
    	Groves, James Loughran. Live from the Royal Albert Hall, BBC
    	Records CD 58OX (England), H-matrix. Tracks 1-2 recorded in
    	Sept. 1977,Tracks 3-7 recorded 1982.
    	The recordings on this CD conducted by Charles Groves were
    	originally released on vinyl as "Highlights from the Last
    	Night of the Proms" issued as BBC Records REH290.
    -	Colin Davis - at the Last Night of the Proms. Philips 6588-011
    	(LP) This was the original release of the 1972 Proms concert.
    	The CD with the same title appears to contain only a portion of
    	the selections from the original LP [some of selections
    	duplicate the 1969 recording but were performed again in 1972].
    - Oliver Knussen, Maurice Sendak: Where the Wild Things are, A fantasy opera, Glyndebourne, Unicorn-Kanchana DKP (CD) 9044 Ambisonics was used at the performance of the opera, the Unicorn-Kanchana recording may be UHJ encoded as well? - Electric Phoenix: Kare Kolberg; Aria in aria, For the time being Norwegian Composers NC 4916 - Electric Phoenix: Arne Nordheim; Wirklicher Wald, Aurora, NC 4910 The chief recording engineer who recorded the Electric Phoenix titles and provided services for the "Where wild Things are" recording has confirmed that these titles are not UHJ. However, the sound projection of "Where the Wild Things Are" has been Ambisonic B-format in live performances from its beginning at Glyndebourne, and also at the November '96 Cleveland, Ohio concert performances (8-channel horizontal).
    - In celebration (?) of conductor Leonard Slatkin's departure from the St. Louis Opera Theater, someone (RCA?) is issuing a 6-CD commemorative set of recordings, many of which are from live broadcasts. Thus some of these may be UHJ encoded. RCA staff has denied that UHJ encoding was used
    - Tina Turner - Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome, (vinyl only) EMI 24 0380 1 (England) Capitol SWAV-12429 (U.S.) ('85) - Tina Turner - We Don't Need Another Hero, from the movie Mad Max, (no official release, played on various video shows & available through a subscription service for videos to be played in clubs, etc.) (`85) - Tina Turner - Break every rule, Capitol CDP 7 46323 2 - Tina Turner - Break every rule, the Video's MPV 99 1148 2 (Europe)(`86) The tracks 1-6 were thought to be UHJ-encoded, the liner notes mention Ambisonic equipment was used. After talking to the engineer who supplied the equipment, It has been confirmed that the disc is not UHJ encoded. Why "Break Every Rule" isn't Ambisonic -by Richard Elen I brought the gear in to Mayfair to mix the album Ambisonically. However, they used it to do vocal submixes because they had liked the way that UHJ behaved when undecoded. We used to promote UHJ as a "super stereo" technique. Thus the producers of the "Break Every Rule" Mayfair sessions did exactly that: they used it as an effect - and one that wasn't meant to be decoded! Technically, many of the harmony vocals and vocal submixes therefore appear on the album in UHJ - but the overall mix is stereo, and will not give any intended localization effects when decoded.
    - A review of the Meridian 565 surround processor in "Home Theater Technology" mentioned that "Enya - Watermark" is Ambisonic. The review was available at one time on the internet, as well as Meridians home site. After an extensive search, I have not been able to confirm that "Watermark" is UHJ. I think it is safe to say at this time that the recording is not Ambisonic. However, the song Orinoco Flow does sound better in UHJ than plain 'ol stereo.
    - Conan the Destroyer, movie soundtrack, vinyl A review about the Troy Ambisonic car stereo decoder mentioned that this recording was UHJ and was used as a demo. I have not been able to confirm that this is UHJ. It may be the demo was done in the super stereo mode.
    - Chronos - a film by Ron Fricke and music by Michael Stearns.
    Mirimar video MPV8406, 40 minutes, VHS/Beta Hi-Fi stereo, NTSC/PAL ?/SECAM ? - Miramar Decade '95 - 10th Anniv. Collection. 68 minutes, VHS Hi-Fi stereo, NTSC This compilation has cuts from "Chronos" in UHJ. Tracks by Peter Gabriel, Santana, Philip Glass and others are included but are not believed to be Ambisonic. The Chronos Video was reported to be UHJ. While the soundtrack CD is UHJ encoded, the HI-FI video only contains a stereo sound- track.
    Record company addresses : Ambitunes
    Celestial Harmonies P.O. Box 30122 Tucson, Az. 85715 Tel:+520-326-4400 Fax:+520-326-3333
    COLLECTION "CULTURES ELECTRONIQUES" Mnémosyne Musique Média Place André Malraux BP 39 - 18001 Bourges Cedex France. Tél. : (33) 48. 20. 41. 87 Fax : (33) 48. 20. 45. 51.
    Collins Classics Phoenix Music International Ltd (Head Office) PO Box 46 Cromer Norfolk NR27 9WX Tel: +44 (0) 845 630 0710 Phoenix Music International Ltd (London Office) 2nd Floor, 40 Great Portland Street W1W 7ND London Tel: +44 (0) 20 7307 3087
    Delerium records P.O box 1228 Gerrads cross, Bucks England SL9 PYB email: Tel:+44-0-1753-893-008
    Finlandia USA Distribution-Atlantic Records 1290 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY (212) 405 5470 Finlandia P.O. box 169 FIN 02101 Espoo Finland Tel:+358-9-435-011 Fax:+358-9-455-2352
    KPM EMI Production Music 30 Golden Square London W1F 9LD Tel: +44 (0) 203 059 3000
    Mirabilis Records The publishing company is Pointhare Ltd.
    Marimar P.O Box 15661 Seattle, Wa. 98119
    Mountain Bell Music Mail order Address 3 Drake Close, Ringwood, Hants BH24 1UG England Phone: 01425 470168 E-mail:
    Music and Arts P.O. box 771 Berkeley, CA. 94701 TEL.510-525-4583 FAX:510-524-2111 email: Orders:
    Nimbus Records : United Kingdom Wyastone Leys Monmouth Gwent NP5 3SR Telephone UK: 01600 890 007 Overseas: +44 1600 890 007 Email: Nimbus Records USA P.O. Box 5826 Columbia, SC 29250-5826 Tel: 1 803 779 5388 Fax: 1 803 779 2855
    Ondine Malmin raitti 17 A FI-00700 HELSINKI FINLAND Phone: +358 9 4241 2430
    Sonic Atmospheres Sling Shot Entertainment 15030 Ventura Blvd, Suite 912 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 Phone (818) 755 - 8888 Fax (818) 990 – 2872 (Chronos CD is available only thru this distributor)
    Sonoton Sonoton Music GmbH & Co. KG Schleibingerstraße 10 81669 Munich Tel: +49 (0)89/44 77 82-0 Fax: +49 (0)89/44 77 82-88
    Soundprints 192 Spadina Ave. Suite 512 Toronto, Canada M5T2C2 e-mail:
    Unicorn-Kanchana : 14 Hillgate Place London W8 7SJ United Kingdom Tel: +44-171-727-3881 Fax: +44-171-243-1701
    York Ambisonic : USA Worldwide Music PO Box 161323 Altamonte Springs, FL 32716-1323 Tel/Fax 407 464 9454 UK: now Metronome Distribution Ltd. Tel 01600 716911 Fax 01600 775396
    List Compiled and copyright By: Eero Aro and Mark Anderson
    Acknowledgments : Thanks to the following folks who have passed on additions, comments and corrections to this list : George Pond Jean bruyninckx Brian Lenharth Martin Leese John Sunier Jeffrey Silberman Richard Elen Geoffrey J. Barton John Whiting Bob Olhsson Peter Carbines Timo Rasi Klaus Hoenemann Lonn Henrichsen Iain McNaughton Mark Decker Alf Goodrich Brendan Hearne Howard Fletcher Frans van den Berge Harry Beekman Caractacus Downes oxforddickie Paul Hodges Alan Duckett

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