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    Contents: Ambisonic Publications
    STUDIO EQUIPMENTDECODERSMATRIXINGMATRIX - HReferences to Ambisonics papers, provided by Michael Gerzon
    Larry Clifton's MultiChannelSound Shop - MCS Review On-Line Reprints

    Duane H. Cooper, Takeo Shiga: Discrete-matrix multichannel stereo, JAES,
    June 1972, Vol.20, No:5
    Michael Gerzon: Periphony: With-height sound reproduction, JAES Jan/Feb.
    1973, Vol.21, No:1
    Michael Gerzon: Surround-sound psychoacoustics, Criteria for the design
    of matrix and discrete surround-sound systems. Wireless World, December
    1974, pp. 483-485.
    Peter Fellgett: Ambisonics. Part One: General system description. Studio
    Sound, August 1975, p. 20-40.
    Michael Gerzon: Compatible 2-channel encoding of surround sound. NRDC
    reprint from Electronics Letters 11th Dec. 1975 Vol.11 Nos: 25/26.
    Michael Gerzon: Multidirectional sound reproduction systems, US Patent
    3,997,725. Dec. 14 1976
    Michael Gerzon: The optimum choice of surround sound specification.
    AES preprint No:1199, March 1977.
    Michael Gerzon: NRDC surround sound system. Wireless World, April 1977,
    p. 36-39. 
    Michael Gerzon: Criteria for evaluating surround sound systems. JAES
    June 1977, Vol 25, No:6, p.400-408.
    Peter Craven, Michael Gerzon: Coincident microphone simulation covering
    three dimensional space and yielding various directional outputs, US
    Patent 4,042,779. Aug. 16, 1977
    Michael Gerzon: Sound reproductions systems with augmentation of image
    definition in a selected direction, US Patent 4,081,606. March 28, 1978
    Michael Gerzon: Sound reproduction system with non-square loudspeaker
    lay-out, US Patent 4,086,433. Apr. 25, 1978
    Michael Gerzon: Non-rotationally-symmetric surround-sound encoding
    system, US Patent 4,095,049. June 13, 1978
    Adrian Hope: Surround sound patents, will the future of surround sound
    depend on patent bargaining? Wireless World, Jan 1979, p. 57-58.
    Michael Gerzon: Sound reproduction system with matrixing of power
    amplifier outputs, US Patent 4,139,729. Feb. 13, 1979
    Michael Gerzon: Sound reproduction systems, US Patent 4,151,369.
    Apr. 24, 1979
    Adrian Hope: Ambisonics - The theory and patents. Studio Sound,
    Oct 1979, p.36-44.
    Michael Gerzon: Practical periphony: The reproduction of full-sphere
    sound, AES Preprint 1571, London 1980
    Michael Gerzon: Decoders for feeding irregular loudspeaker arrays, US
    Patent 4,414,430. Nov. 8, 1983
    Michael Gerzon: Ambisonics in multichannel broadcasting and video. JAES
    Vol 33, No:11, Nov.1985 p.859-871.
    Dermot J. Furlong: Comparative study of effective soundfield
    reconstruction. AES preprint 2842, Oct 18-21.1989.
    Michael Gerzon: Hierarchical system of surround sound transmission for
    HDTV, AES Preprint 3339, Vienna 1992
    Michael Gerzon: Ambisonic decoders for HDTV, AES Preprint 3345, Vienna
    Quadrille. Elektor Sept. 1976, p.20-22.
    Das Kugel-modell. Elektor Sept. 1976, p.23-25.
    G. Theile, G. Plenge: Localization of lateral phantom-sources. AES
    preprint B-5, 1976, Zrich
    Philip Vanderlyn: Auditory cues in stereophony, importance of transients
    in nature and in stereophony. Wireless World Sept. 1979, p.55-60.
    Sakamoto, Gotoh, Kogure, Shimbo: Controlling sound image localization in
    streophonic reproduction. JAES Vol.29, No:11, Nov. 1981, p.794-799.
    Moulton, Ferralli, Hebrock, Pezzo: The localization of phantom images in
    an omnidirectional stereophonic loudspeaker system. AES preprint 2371,
    Nov. 1986.
    Brian C.J. Moore: An introduction to the psychology of hearing, Space
    perception. p.150-184.
    Gary S. Kendall, William L. Martens: Simulating the cues of spatial
    hearing in natural environments. ICMC 84 Proceedings, p.111-125.
    Komiyama: Subjective evaluation of angular displacement between picture
    and sound directions for HDTV sound systems. JAES Vol.37, No:4, April
    1989, p.210-214.
    James M. Kates: Optimum lodspeaker directional patterns. JAES, Nov 1980,
    Vol 28, No:11, p.787-794.
    Denis Vaughan: New directions in stereo, Ear exercises for experts.
    Studio Sound, July 1981, p.62-66.
    J.C. Bennett, K. Barker, F.O. Edeko: A new approach to the asessment of
    stereophonic sound system performance. JAES Vol.33, No:5, May 1985, p.
    Woram: Sound recording handbook. Music, electronics, psychoacoustics:
    Localization parameters. p.54-59.
    Don and Carolyn Davis: In-the-ear recording and pinna acoustic response
    playback. AES preprint 2874, Oct. 1989.
    Ewan A. Macpherson: A computer model of binaural localization for stereo
    imaging measurement. AES preprint 2866, Oct. 1989.
    Gary C. Eckmeier: An image model theory for stereophonic sound. AES
    preprint 2869, Oct. 1989
    Peter Fellgett: Ambisonics. pp.44-48. New Electronics, 1970???
    Michael Gerzon: Don't say quad - say psychoacoustics. New Scientist, 8th
    Dec. 1977
    John Borwick, Larry Zide: From England: The ambisonics system. Db,
    August 1978, p.29-31.
    P. Fellgett: Accuracy in sound reproduction. Studio Sound, March 1981,
    Peter Fellgett: Naturalness and artificiality in recording. Studio
    Sound, April 1981, p.40-41.
    Richard Elen: Correction to the above article in Studio Sound, May 1981.
    Peter Carbines: Ambisonics - Circles of confusion. Studio Sound, Aug.
    1982, p.60-61. 
    Richard Elen: Ambisonics - Questions and answers. Studio Sound Oct.
    1982, p.62-64.
    Nigel Branwell: Ambisonic surround sound technology for recording and
    broadcast. Reprint from Recording engineer and producer Dec. 1983.
    Richard Elen: Ambisonics for audio visual. Broadcast Sound, Nov./Dec.
    1983, p.52-54.
    Richard Elen: Surround sound. Studio Sound, Feb. 1984, p.36-38.
    Ted Fletcher: Mono, stereo or ambisonic? Studio Sound, July 1984,
    Barry Fox: Hindsight, a look again at Ambisonics surround sound,
    Broadcast technology international, Oct. 1985.
    John Borwick: Ambisonics revisited. Gramophone, April 1986, p.1347
    Barry Fox: We haven't seen the back of ambisonics. Line UP (?) June
    1987, p.60.
    Rundherum, das ist nicht schwer... Das ambisonics surround sound system.
    Studio Magazin, 1988???, p.18-23.
    Richard Elen: Surround sound. Sound recording practise, 3rd ed. p.201
    Brian C.J. Moore: An introduction to the psychology of hearing:
    Multichannel reproduction. p.249-253.
    Adrian Farmer: Ambisonics - A musical technology. Nimbus catalogue 1989.
    Trevor Butler: Surrounded! Hi-Fi News & Record rewiev, February 1989,
    Audio & Design/Calrec: TA: A report on the APRS - BTG ambisonic seminar,
    5 pages. 
    Roger Derry: Surrounded with secrecy, Ambisonics and Dolby Stereo. Line
    Mel Lambert: IBA Ambisonic mobile. Sound International Sept. 1979.
    Chris Daubney: Ambisonics - an operational insight. Studio Sound, Aug.
    1982, p.52-58.
    Ted de Bono: Gilgamesh, The epic of the epic. Broadcast Sound, Jan./Feb.
    1983, p.10-15.
    Peter Fellgett: Ambisonic epic. Comments on the above article in some
    following issue of Broadcast Sound.
    Mike Skeet: October Sound. Describing an ambisonic recording by John
    Whiting. Studio Sound, Feb. 1983, p.62-64.
    Richard Elen: Ambisonic mixing - an introduction. Studio Sound, Sept.
    1983, p.40-46.
    Julian Colbeck: Steve Hackett and ambisonics. Sound Engineer, Oct. 1984,
    Mike Skeet: Ambisonics round and round. Studio Sound Sept. 1985, p.78
    Mike Skeet: Glyndebourne panned. Studio Sound, Feb. 1986, p.35-36.
    David Moore: Surround sound for video, an ambisonic visual postcard.
    Recording Engineer/Producer, Dec. 1986, p.64-70.
    John Whiting: Live surround sound. Studio Sound, July 1988, p.74-76.
    Zenon Schoepe: REL Studios - Ambisonics, the golden mean and a large
    live room in Edinburgh. Sound, Dec. 1988, pp.28-30.
    Caroline Moss: Xylo's Turbine power. Pro Sound News, No:? 1989.
    Bauer, Abbagnaro, Gravereaux, Marshall: The Ghent microphone system for
    SQ quadraphonic recording and broadcasting. AES preprint No:1210, March
    Soundfield microphone: A new way to record. Elektor May 1978.
    Benjamin B. Bauer: The Ghent microphone system. Db, Aug. 1978,
    Kondensator-Quadromikrophon QM69. Neumann GMBH Katalog 110.
    Michael Gerzon: Experimental tedrahedral recording, Parts one to three.
    Wireless World ?? p. 396-398, 472-475, 510-515.
    J. Howard Smith: The sound field microphone. Db, July 1978, pp.34-36.
    Ken Farrar: Soundfield microphone - 1. Design and development of micro-
    phone and control unit. Wireless World, Oct. 1979, p.48-50.
    Ken Farrar: Soundfield microphone - 2. Detailed functioning of control
    unit. Wireless World, Nov. 1979, p.99-103.
    J. Howard Smith: Ambisonics - the Calrec soundfield microphone. Studio
    Sound, Oct. 1979, p.42-43.
    Richard Elen: Ambisonics - Soundfield experience. Studio Sound, Oct.
    1979, p.46-49. 
    Nigel Branwell: The Calrec soundfield microphone system. Db, June 1982,
    Hugh Ford: Calrec Model 3B Soundfield microphone system. Studio Sound,
    Sept. 1982, p.80-84.
    Peter Carbines: Calrec model 3A - an operational assessment. Studio
    Sound, Sept. 1982, p.86-89.
    John Whiting: The Calrec Soundfield - as a stereo microphone. Studio
    Sound, Dec. 1983, p.66-68.
    Calrec advertisment in Studio Sound Jan. 1984, Soundfield MK IV.
    D.S.Jagger: Recent developments and improvements in soundfield micro-
    phone technology. AES preprint No:2064, March 1984.
    Ralph Denyer: Practical Soundfield. Interview with Jerry Boys. Studio
    Sound, July 1984, p.74-76.
    Mike Skeet: Classical ambience. Studio Sound, Feb. 1987, p.60-63.
    Audio & Design/Calrec Inc. 4-colour brochure of MK IV. 1988?
    Calrec Soundfield MK IV user manual.
    Lowell Cross: Performance assessments of studio microphones. Additional
    stereo evaluations of 15 models at the University of Iowa School of
    music, Part two. Reprint from the Recording Engineer/Producer, Feb. 1985.
    Lowell Cross: Stereo microphone evaluations: An overview of techniques
    and subjective assessments. Recording Engineer/Producer, Aug. 1987,
    Stanley P. Lipshitz: Stereo microphone techniques... Are the purists
    wrong? JAES Vol 34, No:9, Sept. 1986, p.716-744.
    David Hastilow: Soundings on Soundfield. Studio Sound April 1989,
    Calrec advertisement in Studio Sound 1989? The Soundfield interview.
    Peter Waterman interviewed.
    AES Convention News, Hamburg 1989: AMS/Calrec introduce M/S stereo mic.
    Tim Frost: New mics at APRS '89. Pro Sound News 1989?
    Woram: Sound recording handbook: The Soundfield microphone
    John Steane: Horn of plenty. Nimbus-Halliday ambisonics recording
    system. Gramophone Oct. 1989, p.616.
    A page from Schoeps catalogue, figure-8 capsule MK8 used in the Nimbus
    A Nimbus Ad from Gramophone, How could we possibly design an ordinary
    Nimbus composite mic uses B&K 4006. Line-Up Dec. 1990. p.5.
    An advertisement from Studio Sound: AMS 250 microphone
    Studio Sound, May 1990: Microphones: AMS 250 stereo microphone
    AMS: ST250 Stereo microphone. User guide, 15 pages.
    Audio & Design brochure of signal processing equipment.
    New products: Encoder completes UHJ system. Studio Sound, Sept. 1981,
    Product quide: Ambisonics. Studio Sound, Aug. 1982, p.38.
    Peter Carbines: Abacoid 9211 professional ambisonic decoder. Studio
    Sound Aug. 1982, p.62.
    Tom Gandy: Audio & Design leaflet: When you look at a transcoder, you
    are looking at the future of broadcast stereo tv. Dec. 1985.
    Michael Gerzon: Ambisonics. Part Two: Studio techniques. Studio sound,
    Aug. 1975, p.24-30.
    NRDC: Some production facilities available in ambisonics. Nov. 1977.
    David G. Malham: Computer control of ambisonic soundfields. AES pre-
    print No: 2463, March 1987.
    Dave Malham: Digitally programmable soundfield controller. Studio Sound,
    No:2, 198?, p.75.
    AES Convention News, London 1987: Computer control of ambisonic sound-
    Audio & Design: Operating Instructions for the Ambisonics mastering package.
    Surrey Electronics: Stereo and ambisonics coder MPX4
    Spatial Sound Inc. SP-1 Spatial Sound Processor, leaflets, brochures
    P. Fellgett, M. Gerzon: From quadro to surround sound. (Basics and
    decoder schematic diagram) Elektor May 1977, p.19-25.
    Michael Gerzon: Surround sound decoders - 5. Variomatrix adaptor for
    system 45J and Matrix H. Wireless World May 1977, p.50-51.
    Michael Gerzon: Surround sound decoders - 6. Multi-system ambisonic
    decoder. 1 - Basic design philosophy. Wireless World July 1977, p.43-47.
    Michael Gerzon: Surround sound decoders - 7. Multi-system ambisonic
    decoder. 2 - Main decoder circuits. Wireless World Aug. 1977, p.69-73.
    Michael A. Gerzon: Design of ambisonic decoders for multispeaker
    surround sound. AES, Nov. 1977.
    News: Ambisonic decoder. (IMF) Studio Sound, Dec. 1980, p.22.
    Peter Fellgett: Directional information in reproduced sound, Wireless
    World, September 72, pp.413-417.
    Peter Scheiber: 360 degrees space in two channels. DB, Jan 1978,
    Edward T. Canby: Column, about Scheiber decoder. Audio, May 1978.
    B.B.Bauer:Quadraphony, matrixing and compatibility. E.B.U. Review 
    -Technical Part, Dec. 1974. pp. 268-274.
    James V. White: Synthesis of 4-2-4 matrix recording systems. JAES May
    76, Vol 24, No:4. pp.250-257.
    D.J. Meares, P.A. Ratliff: The development of a compatible 4-2-4
    quadraphonic matrix system, B.B.C. Matrix H.  E.B.U Review 
    - Technical part No: 159, Oct. 1976, p.208-217.
    BBC Engineering training department: Quadraphony - Matrix H data.
    Printed board wiring, Circuit diagram, Component assembly.
    P.S. Gaskell, P.A. Ratliff: Quadraphony: Developments in Matrix H
    decoding. BBC Research Department, Engineering Division, Feb. 1977.
    BBC Radio: A demonstration record of broadcast standard quadraphonic
    programme material recorded with the BBC Matrix H system. List of
    BBC Engineering information department, Publicity section: Additional
    information on BBC/NRDC System HJ, System HJ tolerance zones.

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