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This list was created out of the need to help owners with Circle Surround hardware, find recordings made to decoded on their systems. Owners of circle surround decoders should also look at the other discography's since circle surround claims multi-system compatibility. This is not a complete list. Information about media using Circle Surround for music is greatly appreciated and encouraged. If you happen to know of a recording done in the Circle Surround format that is not listed here, please pass it on.
    For additions to this list, include:
    1. Artist 2. Title of album 3. Record label 4. Catalog number 5. Format (CD, LP, cassette, etc.) since catalog numbers change w/format 6. Country of origin (U.S., U.K, etc.) since catalog numbers change with country of origin 7. Year of release 8. Any comments that might be helpful like who distributes the recording and address and phone number if known.
    Please send any additions or corrections to this list to :
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    Contents: Popular - By Artist
    Classical Anthology & Samplers Nature Recordings

    A - Svend Asmussen - Makin´ Whoopee!...and Music! Arbors Records ARCD 19390
    C - The Cult - A Return To Wild Tour (2 track Promo Sampler). Instant Live - The Cult - Live from The Filmore San Francisco, CA 3/01/06. Instant Live 01THECULT - The Cult - Live from The Hard Rock Hotel, The Joint Las Vegas, NV 03/03/06. Instant Live 02THECULT - The Cult - Live from The House Of Blues San Diego, CA 03/04/06. Instant Live 03THECULT - The Cult - Live from The Key Club @ Morongo Cabazon, CA 3/5/06. Instant Live 04THECULT - The Cult - Live from The Music Box @ Fonda Los Angeles, CA 03/07/06. Instant Live 05THECULT - The Cult - Live from The - Marquee Theater 3/08/06. Instant Live 06THECULT - The Cult - Live from The Ridglea Theatre Fort Worth, TX 03/10/06. Instant Live 07THECULT - The Cult - Live from The Warehouse Houston, TX 3/11/06. Instant Live 08THECULT - The Cult - Live from The La Zona Rosa Austin, TX 3/12/06. Instant Live 09THECULT - The Cult - Live from Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa, OK 3/14/06. Instant Live 10THECULT - The Cult - Live from First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 3/15/06. Instant Live 11THECULT - The Cult - Live from Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL 3/17/06. Instant Live 12THECULT - The Cult - Live from The House Of Blues 3/18/06. Instant Live 13THECULT - The Cult - Live from Emerald Theatre, Mount Clemens, MI 3/19/06. Instant Live 14THECULT - The Cult - Live from Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY 3/21/06. Instant Live 15THECULT - The Cult - Live from The Avalon 3/22/06. Instant Live 16THECULT - The Cult - Live from 9:30 Club, Washington, DC 3/24/06. Instant Live 17THECULT - The Cult - Live from House Of Blues, Atlantic City, NJ 3/25/06. Instant Live 18THECULT - The Cult - Live from The Nokia Theatre 3/26/06. Instant Live 19THECULT - The Cult - Live from Plaza of Nations 5/18/06. Instant Live BCTHECULT - The Cult - Live from the Molson Amphitheatre 5/26/06. Instant Live ONTHECULT * The Cult - Comp. Instant Live COMP {Instant Live, a provider of onsite concert recording and distribution, teamed up to record and distribute each of the 19 dates on The Cult's "Return to Wild" tour. Each of the 19 shows were recorded in SRS Circle Surround, were available for sale in limited edition deluxe packages at select retail locations across the U.S., as well as on the Instant Live website at www.instantlive.com} - Cyrus Dance - Fish. Deaf Shepherd Recordings EFA 12779-2
    D - DMP Big Band - Carved in Stone. DMP CD-512 - DMP Big Band - The Glenn Miller Project. DMP CD-519 {listed as surround sound, may have been produced using the Shure HTS encoder.} - DMP Big Band - Salutes Duke Ellington. DMP CD-520 {listed as compatible surround sound may have been produced using the Shure HTS encoder.)
    F - Free Flight - Palomino Duck. Planet Earth PE-CD-2408
    G - Steve Green - The First Noel. EMI/Sparrow SPD 1585
    H - The Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble - World Music Tour. DMP CD-514 - Allan Holdsworth - Hard Hat Area. Restless Records 7 72716-2, Polydor POCP-1376 [Japan]
    K - Kostia - Kostia's Instrumental tribute to Elton John. Nature Quest 60192 - Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra - Symphonic Star Trek. Telarc CD-80383 {The title above is only listed as Surround Sound on the back cover and the liner notes mention "the recording is enhanced by spatializer and circle surround encoding"}
    L - Chuck Loeb - Memory Lane. DMP CD-517
    M - Bob Mintzer - Big Band Trane. DMP CD-515 - Mo Boma - Myths of the Near Future (part 1). Extreme XCD 025
    O - The Michiko Ogawa Trio: It´s All About Love, featuring Harry Allen. Arbors Records ARCD 19294
    R - Thom Rotella - Platinum Melodies. DMP CD-516
    U - Uncle Kracker - Seventy Two & Sunny. Lava Records 93195
    V - Allan Vache - With Benny in Mind. Arbors Records ARCD 19338 - The Johnny Varro Trio: Pure Imagination. Arbors Records ARCD 19293 - Jerry Vivino - Something Borrowed Something Blue. DMP CD-513
    W - Junior Wells - Come On In This House. Telarc CD-83395 {The title above is only listed as Surround Sound on the back cover and the disc and the liner notes mention "the recording is enhanced by spatializer and circle surround encoding"} - Bob Wilber - Is Here! Arbors Records ARCD 19402
    ANTHOLOGY & SAMPLER RECORDINGS * Buddha-Bar III. Wízor Acoustic SD-5357 & 58 [Hong Kong] - DMP Surround Sounds. DMP CD-1759 {listed as compatible surround sound, some tracks may have been produced using the Shure HTS encoder. Some titles may not be surround encoded as they are not listed as Surround Sound on the CD's from which they came.) * Die Super-Hörtest-CD für HiFi, Surround, Autohifi. Audio (Magazin) CD 27000954 X [Germany] {Included in the April 1997 issue of the German audio magazine 'Audio'. Test Tracks 20 thru 26 are listed as circle surround}
    CLASSICAL - Jon Deak - The Passion of Scrooge, or A Christmas Carol" (with baritone William Sharp). Innova 545 - Tomas Luis De Victoria Mass of the Assumption and motets, performed by the Schola Cantorum of the Saint Gregory Society. Saint Gregory Society. # unknown - 2oth Century Consort - Lambert Orkis/Piano. Innova 605
    NATURE RECORDINGS * Ocean, Soothing Sounds From Nature. Bescol 076637020421 - Sound of Nature. Polk audio CD 700700 * Kit Walker – The Music Of The Beatles, Solo Piano With Nature. Signature Sounds, NorthWord Press ASCD-27292
    Northsound switched from Dolby Surround encoding to Circle Surround encoding in 1994. Circle Surround recordings have the logo on the back cover. Dolby Surround recordings have the logo on the front cover and on the disc. Titles in Dolby Surround that were manufactured until 1994 can be found here: Dolby Surround Sound Audio Discography - 25 for the Earth. NSCD-25992 (2 CD'S) - A Wilderness Christmas. NSCD-26472 * Andrew Lloyd Webber Naturally. NSCD-21402 - Angles Heard on High. NSCD-27642 - Antarctica. NSCD-29532 - Autumn in New England. NSCD-25962 - Bach Naturally. NSCD-22362 - Beethoven Naturally. NSCD-26242 - Best of Northsound, Volume 1. NSCD-24562 * Best of Northsound, Volume 2. NSCD * Blues in the Night. NSCD-40052 * Blues on the Wing. NSCD-21272 * Blues Wolf. NSCD-40312 * Cactus Highway. NSCD-40832 - Canyon Country. NSCD-2588 - Celtic Christmas. NSCD-11732 * Celtic Dance. 60254 (Cassette) * Celtic Moon. NSCD-60072 - Celtic Nights. NSCD-26892 * Celtic Quest - Traditional Irish Melodies. NQCD 22612 * Celtic Romance. NSCD 40032 - Chopin Naturally. NSCD-23722 - Christmas Sleigh Ride. NSCD-26452 - Classical Loon. NSCD-28922 - Classical Nature. NSCD-22042 - Classical Wings - Wild Bird Series. NSCD-21292 - Country Naturally. NSCD-25902 - Debussy Naturally. NSCD-23742 * Deep Woods Deep Waters. NSCD-23032 - Desert Guitar. NSCD-25862 * Dolphin Dance. NSCD-40402 - Dolphin Dreams. NSCD-26832 - Earth Rhythms. NSCD-28142 - Echoes of Glacier. NSCD-26322 - Echoes of Madison County. NSCD-21482 - Echoes of Olympic. NSCD-26332 - Echoes of the Everglades. NSCD-24062 - Echoes of the Smokies. NSCD-23762 - Echoes of Yellowstone. NSCD-24042 - Endless Sea. NSCD-22482 * Gentle Hymns: The Great Hymns in a Jazz Style. NSCD-40342 * Gershwin's Summertime. NSCD-22812 - Gospel Naturally. NSCD-23802 * Handel's Water Music. NSCD-21442 - Hymns Naturally. NSCD-24582 - Infinite Oceans. NSCD-25922, NSAC 25914 (Cassette) * Island Tranquility. NSCD 40012 - Jazz Loon. NSCD-27042 - Jazz Wolf. NSCD-23342 * Kit Walker – The Music Of The Beatles (Here Comes The Sun). NQCD 25042 - Lake Superior Visions. NSCD-26352 - Loon Summer. NSCD-21662 * Lullabies. NSCD-40292 - Mountain Memories. NSCD-28842 - Mozart Naturally. NSCD-26212, NSAC 26214 (Cassette) - Mystic Waters. NSCD-28342 - Natural Christmas. NSCD-22142 * Nature's Classics: The Seattle Symphony. NSCD-23122 - Nature s Drums. NSCD-26662 - Natures Chant. NSCD-26262 - Nature's Noel. NSCD-23242 - Northern Night Songs. NSCD-26082 - Nutcracker Dreams. NSCD-26432 - Ocean Music. NSCD-22742 - Ocean Odyssey. NSCD-24082 - Pachelbel Ocean. NSCD-25942 - Pacific Blue II. NSCD-23942 - Pacific Blue. NSCD-20642 * Piano Christmas. NSCD-60132 * Piano Ocean. NSCD-40302 - Piano Romance Naturally. NSCD-23782 - Rain Forest Dreams. NSCD-24102 * Relaxation, The Joy of Life. NSCD-36002 - Rhythms of Africa. NSCD-29982 - Silver Cascades. NSCD-26122 * Safari Adventure. NSCD-40852 - Song of the Ocean. NSCD-27462 - Songbird Symphony. NSCD-22942 - Spirit Winds: Native American Flute. NSCD-25802 - Spring Rain. NSCD-23542 * Spring Symphonies. NSCD-40192 - Storm Swept. NSCD-26102 - Strauss Naturally. NSCD-21562 - Summer Breeze. NSCD-24142 - The Blues Naturally. NSCD-23442 - The Natural Cello. NSCD-26282 - The Natural Flute. NSCD-26852 - The Natural Guitar II. NSCD-26872 - The Natural Guitar. NSCD-22182 - The Natural Harp. NSCD-22222 - The Natural Piano II. NSCD-28982 - The Natural Piano. NSCD-22262 - The Natural Saxophone. NSCD-23822 - The Natural Violin. NSCD-23842 * The Power of Storm Chaser. NSCD-27352 * The Sound Of Music, The Music of Rodgers & Hammerstein. NSCD-60272 - The Spirit Sings. NSCD-26042 - Thunder Country. NSCD-26302 * Thunderstorms. NSCD-40362 - Tranquility. NSCD-29552 * Tropical Journeys. - Vivaldi: The Four Seasons. NSCD-21602 - Whispers in the Fog: The Pacific Northwest. NSCD-28822 - Wild Echoes. NSCD-26142 - Wilderness Thunderstorm. NSCD-29522 - Wildwood Songs. NSCD-26162 - Winter Wonderland. NSCD-11752 * Woodland Lake. NSCD-40082 - Yuletide Guitars. NSCD-26412
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